How do i play germans in custom?

I can’t get my German trop to play on German side and it doesn’t matter if i take a mission map Markt allies or axis, they will always be on the allies side. what am i doing wrong?

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it depend by few things.

  • settings of said custom match

if the settings are " historical " / allies vs axis,

and you happen to be on the ally side, you cannot play with german units in the allied team. only ussr or usa/UK.

therefore you’ll need to switch teams

  • your current selected army is not germany

to change that, you have to press on the top right corner and should let you choose the army.

tips, if you are hosting, left team is meant for allies, and the right team for axis. ( the bots at least follow this rule ) but it’s important otherwise you’ll find your self selecting maps with the axis name where they are supposed to attack, but you’ll find your self defending while playing as axis.

Thanks ErikaKalkbrenner fore the answer.

In a custom game, if you quickly change teams several times, you will be able to choose Germans.