How do I make 25 squads vs 25 squads?

How do I make 25 squads vs 25 squads ?

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@tommyZZM or @Devenddar should be able to help you through dms.


That information is witheld to prevent devs from fixing it/overexposure of this feature.

If @tommyZZM decides to share that info then he will share it.


I think the developers are already aware


I think only the developers can decide how to properly use the power of the game engine. But it is disappointing that the developers do not seem to provide us with large enough maps and things suitable for large map battles in recent updates.

Big Action and some other player-made modes are just samples for us players to verify that the server can indeed support large-scale battles under appropriate performance.

There are some flaws in the programming of lonefighter mode, and big action and other 25vs25 squad modes are implemented by taking advantage of similar flaws.

For example, if you set the limit of APC squad to 25 and set lonefighter mode, you will get such a squad mode in lonefighter with APC or vehicle squads

As we all know, squads with vehicles are always deployed as squads in lonefighter mode.

And you could probably do something similar by using some way to erase some of the entities or properties that limit normal squads


But in general I think not all modders can control such features.

Even in player-made zombie modes and other modes there are many performance issues.

If you don’t do any optimizations or improve some game mechanics, it’s hard to get a playable game. This path is indeed possible, but it is not a switch. After you turn it on, you may not get the 25vs25 battle you want. Your battle may be full of lag and unplayable.

Personally, I think smooth 25vs25 battles can be implemented, but it is not unconditional. You must take optimizations like big action and control its serverload.

In fact, I limited the number of players to 20vs20 or 15v15 in the latest version to make the battle smoother. This was implemented after I had already made some optimizations.

I think you have to do at least these things. Before 25vs25 you should think about if your map match such conditions

  • It is important to note that the number of vehicles and aircraft will seriously affect the serverload. You must strictly limit them and automatically recycle their wreckage. The wreckage must be automatically destroyed.

    • This has nothing to do with any bullshit about wanting the wreckage to remain on the battlefield forever. This is a technically. You must automatically destroy it.

    • Instead of being manually dismantled by the player, it must be automated, as players will not manually dismantle every wreck.

  • Dont preset any vehicles on your map (few, one or two is okay)

  • Don’t add too many stuffs to vanilla map, because entity based scenes don’t have as good performance as grp based scenes. It better if you dont add anythings on grp scene.

The premise is that if your server load drops to a suitable range.

There are other ways to lock the server’s tickrate and keep it running at 30 tickrate within a suitable serverload range. This is the monkey patching magic in big action

But before locking the tickrate, I think it is necessary to monitor the serverload


If your mission always suffering a high serverload over 100 and with tickrate issue in 10vs10.

This offenly caused by putting too much things on your scene

I don’t think you need to think about more players for a while


well, recent tests have shown that a custom card within 1.8 MB with 20 to 20 players is quite playable, and this is when using custom profiles, which themselves increase the load x 3 times, although the quality of games in custom games should be better. So we can make some changes, but not more than 2 MB.