How can i make an conquest mode in mods?

The title says it all. Can i get an step by step guide im new for modding

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I recommend check this page. It contains some basic info about editor. How to create entities and e.t.c.

Creating domination/conquest gamemode is almost same as invasion, but not need to set groupName and creating seperate sectors with different battle box, respawn points and capture points.

How to create domination/conquest map?

  1. Find area that you want to use. Open Create Entity and select Mission respawns.

  2. Put some respawnChooser+respTeamX (respawn points for infantry squads). If you want to make seperate respawn points in respawn view then open Properties Panel image and set different respawnBaseGroup.

    (The red line shows where the soldiers/vehicles will look after spawn).

  3. Create some respawnChooser+respVehicles and respawnChooser+respMotocycle. And in Properties Panel set team. If you want set vehicle limit then edit maxVehicleOnSpawn.

    (Toolbox → Respawns will show all respawn points on map).

  4. Almost similar for aircraft respawn point, but you will need to put respawn (respAircraftInAir) in air.
    But you also need to change respawnbaseType (aircraft) to aircraft_fighter.

    And create another one respawn for aircraft_assault. You can clone object. For that hold [Shift] and use Move tool.

  5. Create respawn points for another team. Just find another area and repeat 1-4 steps.

  6. Need to create capture points. For that in Create Entity you must select Mission objective zones. And create entity that contains in name domination_….

    In Properties Panel you can edit capture time, caption, icon and e.t.c…

  7. Create another capture points and/or open Find Entity and write team_ in filter. We need to config teams, because they by default set for invasion gamemode.

    Would be good to edit property team__briefing to domination/common_goals. If you want to do balanced game then both teams should contains similar team__score, team__scoreCap, team__deathPenalty (or/and team__squadSpawnCost) and score_bleed. About score_bleed…

    They affect on score lose when enemy team controls capture points. Property score_bleed__domBleed affect how much team will lose points per second if enemy controls more points. Property totalDomBleedMul similar to domBleed, but total multiplies it after that team controls less X points (totalDomZoneCount). I recommend set totalDomZoneCount = domination capture points that you add.

  • You must set team__zeroScoreFailTimer to -1 in domination gamemode.
  1. After that all we need a bit more config gamemode. We need set correctly voicelines and texts. For that we need to remove team_narrator_invasion_attack/team_narrator_invasion_defense template from team_… entities. And add team_narrator_domination. You can do it by pressing - (for remove template) and + (for add postfix template) in lowest properties panel menu.
    Template = Any entities that you can see in Create Entity menu.

Thank you so much! Can i ask you how do you make an greyzone that is same for both teams? Thank you!


Ouch. Forgot about it, sorry.

You can find battle area zones in Mission battle area.
Easiest way to add gray zone is use box_battle_area. Just put it and scale.

You can a bit edit properties. Set distance where gray zone just warn players and not do damage (property battle_area__noDamageBorderWidth). Also you can edit damage and interval (soldiers have 10 hp). And timer when zone will start damage to soldiers (battle_area__timeToDamageByType or/and **battle_area__timeToWarn).

If you use aircraft then you need create also aircraft_box_battle_area.

Since the entity size may be too large, it will be less comfortable to work with the map, since it will often be selected. Then use Hide image.

There is another way to create battle area. A bit more complex. For that use poly version. You need put poly_battle_area (aircraft_poly_battle_area) and then set battleAreaId. After that in map put battle_area_polygon_point. They should be placed counterclockwise.

(Toolbox → PolyBatteAreas will show all poly battle area points).

If you want to set different battle area for each teams (which is good, because team shouldn’t be able camp near enemy team spawn points) then you need edit battle_area__team and create another one battle area for another team.

If you added custom objects (rendinsts) in maps (you can do it by creating game_rendinst/game_rendinst_decor). Then I recommend to Rebuild NavMesh and then Build VROM. After that you will need to upload vromfs.bin file instead scene.blk (you can find file in userGameMods folder).
NavMesh is bot pathfinding.


Thank you! I managed to make my first mod due to your help


Question, What does team__scoreCap do?

It means maximum score. As result team will not able got more score that you set (except when you destroying additional objects like these in Airfield maps).

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Thank you, also how do I get rid of the initial score depletion from capping a zone?

If I understood you correctly… Then you probably need to reset some team entity properties:

  • set score_bleed__domBleed to 0.0 and score_bleed__totalDomZoneCount to -1.

Or… You will need to edit team__capturePenalty. This property removes score from team if it lost sector/point.

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Thank you

Wait, nevermind neither of those worked, if I wasn’t clear earlier I meant the ticket depletion that instantaneously come after capping a zone (like what happens with confrontation). I have tried both of the things that you have said and neither work

You mean do it like in domination/conquest mode?

Because in confrontation teams don’t lose any score (reinforcements/tickets) if enemy team capture point. On this game mode each team lose score only after respawn because of team__squadSpawnCost property. Teams get capzone__capReward score if capture point (capture point entity property).

Well… If you need to make it like in conquest/domination then you probably will need to set

  • score_bleed__domBleed - enemy team will lose per sec X score if your team controls more.

  • score_bleed__totalDomBleed - enemy team will lose per sec X more score if you team controls score_bleed__totalDomZoneCount points (I recommend to set it depends on capture points amount on your map).

  • bleedOn properties should be turned off. But if you want bleed on start then you can turn it on.

I’m sorry if I misunderstood you again :confused:

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