How about just merge the tech tree but not the campagians?

it will be much easier and won’t cause to much troubles.
Like I said before, ai in this game is a feature not a bug, a game with 5ai in each team makes the game comfortable to everyone, the only adjustment need to be done is the human player count on each side.


Since there is so much debate about tech trees and BR and historical accuracy and all those interconnecting things, I’ve thought they should just implement the merged matchmaking first.

I know it will suck when we’re not able to pick specific campaigns to play, but I think it would be interesting to see how truly full matches play. I’m not truly opposed to an overhaul, but since it’s very complicated I think we should experience full matches first and then take it from there

No more individual campaigns, just click play and maybe you’re sent to Berlin, Normandy, Stalingrad, and so and so fourth

I came up with the idea about having 2 modes some days ago. One balanced br mode which weapon are leveled by theor performance and one historically accurate mode which care less about balancing and more about historical accuracy and ai grinding by each side only have 4-5 maximum player and 15ai with historically accurate swuad formation and weapon a normal solider that time will take.
But I dont know if devs will consider this option

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Lol if a game has many ai players on each match, the game is dying. Don’t pretend it is OK by saying it is more comfortable.

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The point is to also consolidate the playerbase into one big group instead of split into 6 different groups

The issue is, Then they still couldn’t add any more campaigns without breaking up things even more.

The merge is really about 3 things:

Balance: While yes some of what we’ve seen is questionable, If it works as stated, We won’t see T-26 vs Tiger 2 H in moscow.

Servers and players: Six whole servers for a small group of players, Means tons of bots and such make up one side leading to one side heavily being crushed: See tunsisa a few months ago, Allies won 9/10 games without any issues.

And unlocks: No more unlocking the MP40 in five different campaigns. Plus it allows for easier stuff, Such as I would love to unlock stuff for the battle of Berlin’s soviets, But I don’t want to spend 3 months grinding it due to I will lose 9/10 games.

If we just break away the whole idea of campaigns being merged and just have a tech tree.
we would still need a B.R system which wouldn’t change stuff at all, Or it would just make more issues as all, Let alone related to campaigns and servers. The Major issue is there’s not a really good way to do this without flat out choosing: HA or Balance.

To be fair they could just give us new maps for existing campaigns. I honestly think if they didn’t all of a sudden go on this major overhaul campaign we would’ve gotten maybe 2 new campaigns by now.

I personally think it is good that they are taking their time because a major overhaul is a rocky road. Look at how much is contested and we debate, discuss, and argue about. I don’t even think we’ll be getting the major overhaul soon

But I would say in the meantime they could just give us maps for existing campaigns. Or add that new vehicle class from the roadmap (hoping for halftracks or artillery)

I think it’s good that we’re treading carefully

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There will always be Debates, There will always be discussions, There will always be Arguments.

It’s great they’re taking their time as they’re basically rewriting 50% of the game.

The shooting, tanking, and flying isn’t changing all that much with the merge, But how we build our soldiers, how we arm them, how we handle everything in that regard is changing, You mess up that part? the shooting and tanking, and flying doesn’t matter.

As for giving us new stuff, That’s what the events and such are, Something to hopefully hold us over, There was talk that the major update was going to be broken away from the update, But that has lead to issues as is, Ever wonder why the Panther G is so far away in norm? Due to the update was meant to be out by the time it showed up, They tried adding new content over the old one, Tell me.

why on earth would you use an M18 over the M4A1 with a 76?
why on earth would you use the Panther G over the Tiger E?

Do you really want let’s say the M16 half track to be the level 41 reward in norm?
They’ve realized they backed themselves into this and now they have to rework so much, This was a thing people feared in the Closed beta and warned the devs about.