How about changing the plan of selling squads to hiding squads?

Hide infrequently used squads just like hiding files and show them all when necessary.

As a gentle reminder to every player,

If you plan to play a custom game mode. Please do not sell any squad you own. Each sqaud’s ID and even the technology enabled are unique.

If you sell you will lose something forever.

For example, in bigAction mode, some vanilla radio squads can call for different types of radio support.

So please do not sell any of your squad.

Because you won’t be able to get them anymore. Warm reminder here again.


100% agree.

there should be an option to hide them.

or, on the contrary, being able to buy the ones that you couldn’t get / grind in time ( or even doubles / triplets etc )

at least, imo.

but not remove them.


That doesn’t sound so bad, or at least better than selling to reduce the quantity