Hop in friendly tanks

How can a friend of mine jump into my tank? I have the option active and two of my crewmembers were dead

IIRC they just approach the tank and it gives them the option F to board - same as when you have a crew outside repairing.

my buddy couldnt do that yesterday, so i asked. :smiley: maybe its bugged.

maybe you set it to something idk all i know is a random guy can get in my tank no problem

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There it’s a config yo block another players to ride your tank, turn off

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ya i know, i allowed every squaddies to hop in, but it doesnt work

Can u tell what tank u were using ?

Tiger E

I think it make sense since when u lose 2 crew member on a 5 crew tank. the only frree slot loader and mg gunner but since u cannot use the mg gunner and loader seat as a playable slot it doesn’t allow your friend to get in. Unless your commander was on the loader spot and have a free commander slot it shoud allow your friend to get in

mg gunner place is not playable anymore?

The hull mg gunner on the Tiger is not playable yet. It does work on the japanese tank though.

ok, thats the reason i guess.

Hull mg gunners are playable only in tanks that have no co-axial mg AFAIK