HELP, I have no idea how to play the new game

Good afternoon. AFter the big reshuffle of the game some months ago, i have no idea how to play the game. I am totally lost here. How do I choose my teams for exemple the Battle of bulge squads?? I mean i looks ik can now fight with a italian tunesian fighter in Stalingrad?? Sorry, this does not make any sense

There is no way to choose where you will fight, It’s RNG and based on what side your using, There’s a chance you may fight the Japanese, Or Germans.

Then it’s a chance you’ll fight in norm, Tunisia, or the bulge.

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How to play…

  1. choose squads you want to use and equip them with weapons
  2. depending on your gear you will be placed in BR 1-3 or BR 3-5
  3. press START
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this should solve most of u br problems

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