[Help] error during building .bank file with fmod bank tools?

Hello comrades!

As you know, since i found out how to use sound mods in enlisted, i work hard on creating sound mods. I use fmod bank tools to extract and rebuild the bank files.

I replaced the music, and rebuild - it worked

I replaced all the voice lines (over 200) - it does limitly build the bank file and does not work or show progress.

I did both things the exact same way, why did it not work? Does anyone know how else i could rebuild the .bank file?

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It may be that you have deleted the bank file from the folder from which you extracted it

or, format file, if you need help, send me the files

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What error did you get? It may be out of memory error, in that case try to reduce size of the wav files.

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I suppose it is the fmod error that sometimes does not start because it cannot find the original bank

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Also use the latest version, it has better GUI:


Thank you guys, i managed to got it to work :slight_smile:


we patiently wait for your mod


I am about to finish it, i just have to wait since they do not let me upload it to the sandbox yet… :frowning:


Meanwhile use drive or something

I would like someone to help me as i have the same problem. It’s impossible for me to build .wav files

what version do you have of fmod bank?


Ok, thanks!

Hi there, I know this is not topic related. I downloaded a sound mod from Enlisted sandbox and would like to make a new sound mod by replacing the sound inside the bank file. My question is I downloaded FMOD studio just now and I have issues with opening the bank file in FMOD. How do you have the bank file to make a new sound mod?

Try to use FMOD Bank Tools v0.0.1.4? It allows unpack and pack .asstets.bank files (except cmn_loc_vo and master_bank).

Oooo alright thanks