Help a Newbie. Should I adquire this soldier?

I recieve a Battlepass to adquire a soldier. I was thinking in adquiring a flamethrower. Yet I still don’t have that type unlocked.
Will I recieve a platton of this kind? Or i won’t be able to use this soldier till I unlock the type?

No you cant get a squad from bp you have to unlock the flamethrower first to get the flamethrower squad

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Thank You. What are the main benefits of the battle pass soldier? So I can choose accordingly.

uh they mostly came fully star so you dont have to lvl them up (as far as i know)

im not super sure on this tho

I see.

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And the 20% booster for squad perk


oh right that i forgot about that

Be warned not all BP soldiers have max stats.

Also there are soldier tiers. They arent all max tier

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Thank you very much

Wait, nowadays, they do.

All the older ones who had random stats got cycled out of the shop.

However, it’s important to look which tier the soldier is. Most are tier 2. Still are some tier 1. Rare soldiers are tier 3.

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New BP soldier have it, older one haven’t it

Me personally, I would get an assaulter since they cost 7,500 silver to buy, and you can get just about every other soldier for 3,000 silver. So if you can get one for free your silver a head. Plus, if you already have an assaulter, you can replace the old assaulter with the BP one and send the old one to the rear and collect I think about 6,900 silver in return that you can either use on other soldiers you need, or buy weapons with that money. So, you basically in the end got a 5 star assaulter for free and 6,900 coins in your pocket…All free. :wink: This is usually what I do

That is of course assuming you don’t need multiple assaulters, which in that case you can get the BP one and keep the old one. :rofl:

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I thought there was 1 or 2 sneaky ones still in there. There was not long ago

It should be safe, now :thinking:

I use gold order men for squad leaders. It’s easier for me to find back all those event pistols, sabers and gold weapons when there’s a medal besides the name :stuck_out_tongue:


I do the same. I have a couple of favourite squads that are Mostly BP soldiers. They are my vets with Medals :stuck_out_tongue:


yes. Not long ago there were still some older guys with not max stats though. I think I bought one by mistake