Helmets and uniforms of the Imperial Japanese Army

As we all have noticed the only nation that still lacks full customization is Japan(the US only lacks this on the Pacific), I know though that other nations have incomplete customization…yes I’m looking at Tunisia Axis but regardless of this is quite interesting the amount of customization options available for Japan, from headbands, to helmets with kanji on them and foliage suits that helped blending in on the jungle, the Japanese Army has a lot of possible cosmetics that can be added, of course this doesn’t mean the game is gonna turn into CoD Vanguard or BFV, because the Japanese DID use this items in real life, these are my ideas for cosmetics:

  • first of all we need hair. my guys here looking like Mr. Clean.

  • More Tropical helmets:
    In-game the engineers have the option of one particular helmet which is the “Type 98 tropical helmet” this as its name suggests was mainly used on tropical parts due to the fact that it wasn’t made with steel but rather with different materials and lighter colors…on game we have only 1 option of these but in real life there was a lot of variety of these, varying in color and shapes due to early and late production

    it would be nice to see more options for the Type 98 as far as I could find it never used a net like the Type 90

  • Helmets with characters on them:
    as the war progressed it was more common to find helmets with characters draw into them, of course this means that it wouldn’t be weird having a couple of options for the game with certain characters in them

oh! and don’t forget about this variant for the medics:

  • Hachimaki
    …also known as the “Kamikaze headbands”(I hate that name) are represented on several pieces of media that have Japan on them, the hachimaki of the Special Attack units usually had the rising sun on them while the Army was seen with bands that had the Hinomaru in the center, the band was presumably worn 2 ways, one without a helmet mainly media portraying this(is uncertain if this happened or not) and the other way is around the helmet covering the star in the front, this doesn’t need further explanation is a headband that can go around the helmet or just the head without a helmet


and I will use again this space to once again for the 10,000th time request to change the colors of the uniforms, like is just a google search away, it can’t be that difficult…anyway these are my ideas I wanted to also suggest the foliage cape but I feel this is too long already, what do you guys think? what are some cosmetics you guys would like to see for the Japanese?


The japanese atm have little to no real choice between helmets as they are mostly all the same, Some of this would be rather nice to have, The Hachimaki would make a lovely thing for pilots and AT gunners alike.