Hangar editing is too cumbersome

I know many of players have experienced a variety of interesting custom hangars.

However, if you’ve actually been involved in hangar editing, you’ll realise that debugging the camera is a disaster:
Every time we adjust the camera position, we need to

while(camera goes wrong){
1. Save the hangar
2. Exit the mod editor
3. Load the hangar file into the client
4. Open the online client to see if it's working properly 
(we also need to check whether the UI is blocking the characters and vehicles, 
whether the background makes the text illegible, and so on)

Why can’t there be a convenient preview function in the editor to switch between cameras (e.g. squad, vehicle, aircraft) in each interface with a single click?
Alternatively, it would be possible to show the location of the client UI in the editor.

This would save us a lot of time! I hope the developers can make it easier for modders!


It would be nice.

Not really need to exit from modsEditor.
Also for update hangar in main menu you just need to launch practice and exit from it.
But yeah… It’s still not very comfortable.


Yes, but opening two games at the same time will consume too much memory