[Guide] Import 3D models into Dagor Engine (and Enlisted)

I see.
Also textures load in DaEditor now. Thanks!

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Finished the last translation part. · GaijinEntertainment/DagorEngine@18bb954 (github.com)

By the way…the doc of blender plugin, dag4blend, has been updated.

That’s good news. They might update it to blender 4 maybe?

Yes. The plugin is for Blender 4

BTW for textures…Have you tried to convert them to .dds in asset viewer, or run daBuild to build these assets?

You need to convert the textures to ddsx and pack them into DXP. This is done automatically in the asset viewer when exporting:


DaBuild worked too, but assetviewer export is simpler

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To fix DaEditor’s assetviewer add weather preset into _av.blk under develop/.asset-local/_av.blk


And select preset under environment settings: