Guess the altitude

I’m pretty sure this is not 40m altitude.
Perhaps 10m?
I’m on the metric system, speed is kmph and altitude is metres.

This is not 38m:

Sometimes in the Pacific I fly at 80-100m in between trees or just over the top of them…much be really big trees.

10m and something less you are almost at the tree level (without the foliage)

Also it tell you 40m because you are 40m from the sea level not ground

Sea level=0m


Hmm you have a point there sir.
Now I remember when flying closely over the waves, the altitude meter does go all the way to 0.
Thanks for clarifying.

a distance arround




Altitude is relative to the sea, height is relative to the ground

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If you continue to fly outside the map boundary, you will see the sea just below the terrain.

Not sure 10 meters…

But… On the other hand I have flew planes over 13k before.

The dive speeds are just insane :slight_smile: