GRB-39 sight setting

When I aim with the GRB39 anti tank, the setting appears as 100 meters and 50 meters. With which keys can we adjust this?

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page up and page down iirc are default keys for sight setting. you can set them yourself in keyboard menu.

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Can you explain it in detail bro? I don’t know English and I’m using translation. What I mean is, it’s a feature on the gun. When you right-click, the sights zoom in and the meters appear. As stated, I press the page down button, nothing changes.

In control settings you can change your keybinds

the game have by default Page up and page down for change distance

the key looks like this one

can you though? Im not sure now.
Its feature with Panzerfaust and other AT weapons but I dont remember GRB-39 working.

Check if you have them keybound, but TBH, unless you are really trying to hit long shots, you can just use them dots on the glass sight, without changing the default range.

You can, though extremely situational (engagements >100m). Also, without zooming in, you can’t really see it changing.

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that I didnt know, but I also didnt use it enough, IMO GRB-39 is the worst BR2 AT weapon.

I wonder if someone is truly using those default keys. They are extremely impractical.

Well, I wouldn’t say that… It’s very clunky, but it has that 90mm penetration and like 200m total range. In Axis tree, its direct competitor is StP, and that has only 60mm pen, plus aiming at a distance is a feat. The difference is quite substantial, as with GrB you can reliably penetrate any I-III BR tank except the KV, for that you need the PzF, and that risk you getting the High BR hell.

Also be warned that there is a bug which makes ranges change in this order:

(It’s almost 0.5y old.)

It’s more like, it starts at 100, gets to 150 and loops back to 0. It works the same the other way.

Maybe, I may miss remember the exact order. But it’s not correct either way.

I mean, they could make it so it doesn’t loop back, but I don’t see a problem in this.

From what I remember it doesn’t loop back. It just has ranges in wrong order. (Give me 5min so I check this.)
Edit: yeah, you are right.

the sight can be very confusing because it is zeroed at 100m by default. But thanks to that unless you want to try to snipe, there is no reason to set the ranges, since you can just use the marked/graduated(?) axis (not sure how to say this in English)

For example, if you want to shoot a tank a short range you have to aim between the red (0m) and blue (50m) line of my image. Green is 75m and the yellow one is 100m the one that comes by default.

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My main issue with this thing is that it has bad post pen damage so I could not cause enough damage to disable the tank before retaliation.

Nah, it has the same post pen as all the later launchers (150 points). Problem is that it only has a 23% (0.7 vs 3 (I think those are meters)) of post pen range. Frankly, not a problem with those early war sardine cans, but preferably you should shoot either centre mass, or at ammo racks.

well i have those keys on default, but i also almost never use them. there is just no need…

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