Good change. ai uses machinegun nest

I noticed while playing with the bot in a custom match that the bot was using the machinegun nest I set up to defend its point.
Come to think of it, the developer mentioned this in the last update, this is a very good change.
And I feel the AI behavior is also improved from before, I could have a lot of fun even in bot-only matches.

Letting the AI use machinegun nest is something the community has been asking for a long time. Thank you for giving us this. I am also pleased with the improvements in graphics, sound, and other features.

This update contains many bugs and the community is confused by the new mechanics, but at least now I am really enjoying the low BR matches.
It will be a good game once the bug fixes and balancing are done.



i played d-day as allied commonwealth and was an absolute blast.

bots on the german team started using machineguns on the objectives and somewhat around, it was truly immersive.

hadn’t had so much fun in quite a while.

later on i tried the new d-day north mission as the german with my paratroopers and i saw all the axis bots using others machineguns etc. even using ladders to reach the upper machineguns

truly great.

let’s hope for some AI tanks next etc for mods too.


how good are they? they shoot at all?

It would be very fun to see tanks and aircraft used by AI. Once that happens, we may be able to expect a full-blown PVE mode.
Also, the community would receive even more fun if there were more mod features for artists like you.
Sometimes devs are bypassed and miss or resurrect bugs, but I think we are moving in the right direction, albeit slowly like a turtle.


I had a rally point behind the machine gun nest and one of the spawning bots would randomly sit there and keep shooting the approaching enemy bot until it died.
I am not sure what the conditions are for a bot to be in a machine gun nest, but it seems important that the machine gun nest is in their path.

How effective it is as a defense against players is uncertain, but at least it creates an atmosphere, and I’m glad it makes sense to have a machine gun in place anyway, even if I don’t use it myself when defending my CP.

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Yes, this is a nice change.
AI bots use HMGs and they will shoot you dead if you dont watch out!

Very cool.
I only saw them using HMGs in tunisia fortress bunkers and normandy d-day bunkers.

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