Gold soldiers

I found out some gold troops dont have all the perk points they where advertised in the store, i got some and they have less skill point than a normal soldier and the amout it was told on the store. can i do something about this? thx for the help

All gold order soldiers introduced prior to the 6th (maybe) season of the BP have randomized perk points, just like other soldier. Newest gold order soldiers have maxed perk points.

If you are talking about the perk point they get unfortunately old BP soldier don’t come with max perk point only newer BP soldier come with max perk. There’s nothing u can do to increase the stat limit they get unfortunately.

so even if the game told me they where came with max perk points they can have less? so i just lost 11 gold orders… thx for the help

It should be in this patchnote in regard of BP Soldiers.

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