Gold order vehicles and merge

I was wondering what will happen if I buy a gold order vehicle and I don’t have the squad for it post merge?

You’ll have to unlock the tech tree squad that has access to said vehicle

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So basically nothing changed. as the most basic terms.

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you will be able to use them with a different squad that you might already own and is an equivalent from different campaigns even if you do not own the vehicle it self.

as for example, i didn’t unlocked the pz IV F2 in tunisia, yet in the test i was able to use the gold order version of tunisia through a different squad.

same happened with is1 etc.

but i suspect, if you do not have an equivalent from others campaigns, you’ll still need to unlock the base vehicle.


What if I’ve already unlocked it in a different campaign? Because I’ve unlocked the tiger in Berlin and well I’m trying level Normandy Axis but I think it will be easier to just buy it with a gold order.

If that squad could use said gold order vehicle before the merge, then nothing changes, otherwise that squad won’t be able to use it

Most likely you will have to unlock new universal Tanker squad III for post merge tanks