Give the Soviet soldiers proper body armor

The Soviet shock troops and the assault engineers in the Red Army during the Battle of Berlin had the SN-42 body armor that could block most bullets. The game should have a mechanism that enables bullets to deal reduced damage when hitting the armor on the soldier’s torso. The soldier could also have increased vitality points if equipped with such armor.

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It’s already in the game. Soviet body armor cosmetic will reduce damage by 10% for hits in the torso. I am not sure of the exact value but there is a damage reduction.


Ehhh, if you think so…


I dont want to disappoint you buddy, but that isnt true at all.
Just like helmets, they cant stop a rifle bullet flying straight towards it (in 99,9% of cases).
damage reduction does apply though in game, only to pistol calibers.


Balance question, is there a drawback to this? If not I call for OP nonsense.

It can block SMG bullets but not MG or rifle bullets. I understand.

No, it’s 10% damage reduction against everything.


It should have damage reduction instead of ignoring damage, and the damage reduction only happens if the shot hits the armor.

Yes it has a 10% damage reduction, but most rifles do more than 20 points of damage, which leaves 18 points of damage, and you only need about 10-15 to be able to incapacitate or kill someone

It even has sound when you shoot the armor


There is no drawback, unless you count it costing appearance change tokens or gold as a drawback. Yes, that means Soviets are the only ones that have damage reduction on their “cosmetic-only” slots.

It typically doesn’t do much against rifles, but it can mean you need an additional SMG/pistol shot to down someone.

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It can mean the difference between life and death sometimes. The armor could protect against SMG/pistol rounds, not so much against MG or rifle rounds.

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Medium range pistol calibre maybe…full rifle calibre, not a chance

It already gives 10% damage reduction. With the right perks and distance, you could survive another small calibre hit

Honestly should lower your movement speed by 10% too or increase stamina drain.


10% damage reduction combined with the vitality perk AND combined with the extra vitality of flamers and paratroopers has the potential to make you survive rifle shots that would otherwise kill you.

I can see a potential problem with this.


The way to stop stamina drain: use a flask. Buy that from the shop instead of buying two medic kits.

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good point. lower movement speed it is.

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Steel breastplate , or Stalnoi Nagrudnik (Russian: Стальной нагрудник) is a type of body armor similar to a cuirass developed by the Red Army in World War II. The native Cyrillic abbreviation for the vest was “СН”, the Cyrillic letters Es and En. It consisted of two pressed steel plates that protected the front torso and groin. The plates were 2 mm (0.079 in) and weighed 3.5 kg (7.7 lb). This armor was supplied to SHISBr (assault engineers).

most armor,helmets-flak vests and yes the Soviet bib was to stop shrapnel not- pistol much less rifle round’s the truth is before Kevlar and ceramic/metal inserts most body armor can’t even today do much against full rifle rounds unless you are willing to weigh down a soldier

If anything, the bib should be more a reduction to shrapnel say from bombs and grenades then something to stop or reduce bullets maybe handgun ammo

Yeah, the SN in the SN-42 body armor stands for “Stalnoi Nagrudnik”, or I refer it as “Stalin’s No-penetration-bulletproof-plate”.

The Russian S looks like a “C”, while the N looks like a “H”. So SN looks like “CH”.

It can outright stop PPSh and “german avtomat” (implied to be a captured MP38/40) rounds, but no more than that, even STGs-like rifle can beat it no problem.

To the Chief of Staff of the 20th Tank Brigade

1. Shots from PPSh and German avtomat at the distance of 25-50-100 meters didn't penetrate the chest shield. Direct hit from 25 meters was the only one to cause a minor crack above the shoulder area.
2. The chest shield is convenient for use in every position, for shooting in every position, while crawling, while sprinting. The weight is not burdensome.
3. The cut for the right shoulder allows you to acceptably perform aimed shooting from standing, kneeling (sitting?) and prone positions.
4. The soldier is not getting tired after using the shield for the whole day.
5. Shield received generally positive reviews from the members of the tank infantry company. The shield was provided to one platoon of submachine-gun carrying soldiers, it is recommended to provide it to the whole tank infantry platoon.
6. The delay in the submission of this report was due to the fact, that the penetration check with PPSh was commited just now, this morning of /20.6.42/.

Commander of 20th MSPB, captain Mironov
Military commisar of 20th MSPB, battalion commissar Kiselev

* MSPB - motostrelkovo-pulemyotniy batal’yon - mechanized machine gun battalion

regarding the use of SN-42 steel bibs

In the urban combat environment, when the enemy fires their rifles and machine guns from a short distance (100 and less meters), the steel bib does not prevent damage regardless of how it is used.

Weapons that were most commonly used by the opponent during the battle for the city of Breslau - machine guns, rifles and avtomats of the new design with the penetration power close to that of a rifle.

In the 955th rifleman regiment steel bibs were used for only three days. During this time there was one case of the bullet hitting the steel bib and penetrating it, which resulted in the soldier getting hit. Naturally,  after this incident the soldiers lost any trust in the protective capabilities of the SN-42 and started treating it dismissively. For this the members of the Red Army have all the reasons.

Regimental engineer of the 955th rifleman regiment /Kalitin/

March 27th, 1945

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the body armor meant to protect from the same thing that Helmets did, Basically Shrapnel

Pistols and such may have a harder time with the body armor and may have a chance to bounce off the helmet at weird angles but over all basically what Valkay said here.