Germany build 2 br

Your three main squads


The mg can be replaced with a breda

Your tank of choice

Your aircraft of choice

Now your winrate in low ranks -100% :wink:


I will rather use mas 36 over mannlicher. Also big ammo pouch is in my opinion better than extra nades

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if you want a better bolt with a better rate of fire and a bayonet-

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I have one explosion pack and one tnt per soldier. One guy can kill 2 tanks + i have atleast one at gunner per squad

Kar is boring. The reason why i support merge is the fact that i can use unique guns. Mannlicher m93 and mas 36 are great together

Dude, the local tanks are just toys.
and the impact grenades simply erase the squads of the Soviets into powder

Why sturmpistole over grb-39?

Tryharding BR2 with sweaty lineups is kinda overkill, and the pointless one.


well, the same thing happens on the 5th br, only half as many people play for allies

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Mp 40 with extra ammo is more useful for my playstyle

You won’t spend 200+ shots on this weapon so fast, it’s easier to put a crate

My gamestyle is really movable. I dont have time to lay ammo. I also dont like spamming nades

you forgot to put the nade pouch and impact nades ready for spamming on the machine gunner, unacceptable! low quality build.

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Panzer III M is too strong for BR2, the rest is in no way overperforming, you are imagining things.

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but this is a 2 br build, lol

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Mistyped. It should go into BR3 instead of BR2

Yet I would actually pick my Panzer III M over a Panzer IV H - which I even did back in the day, because it is rather equal to a Jumbo tank.

Merge removed m93

But i have 30 of them


Personally I hate mas because I often aim with front sight guards. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t fix this skill issue.