German vs U.S. APC capture proximity

Has no one else noticed that german APCs can get significantly closer to points then U.S. ones? For germany it’s something around 29-30 meters away, which is extremely close. For U.S. its 50 meters away. Almost double the distance. Why is this a thing?!

its 50m for everyone

It’s 50m for everyone from the objective center, objective circle edge are not counted

I prefer to keep everyone 30 meters away

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I will upload a screenshot tomorrow. I can clearly read the point marker showing 30 meters with german APCs…unless they patched it or something recently. Haven’t played germany since the last small update.

The marker show you the distance from you and the edge (were you can start cap), but the rally point and APC limit is from the center of the point

Why not upload the screenshot as the subject? Personally I play it every day and I have never been able to spawn within 50 meters

I was on a germany kick for a long time, didn’t notice anything until i started playing u.s. just now and didn’t think to go back to get a picture.

distance for rally point is made individually per cap/map. apc so far seems global, but i wouldnt discount some values being different locally.

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Maybe a bug ? In any case for several weeks it has been impossible to spawn within 50 meters, I confirm :wink:

This is probably what I’m experiencing

here is post from yesterday

I always thought the point marker was for the center of cap zone though not edge

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From the objective center may be the issue. as with that there are some objectives where the truck can basically spawn you on the objective. (i havent been able to test since the last update, I saw somewhere that it was fixed. but if it isnt it is something that needs to be addressed). I have seen around 35 meteres showing in game marker before it shows its not usable. I have also seen some where you get out and are instantly on the objective (especially on some of the really large objectives in the Pacific).

As such I always thought that APCs were based on the center and Rally points were based on the edge (hence why some rally’s needed to be upwards of 80meters away by the marker).

It was fixed with the last minor update indeed

Answered both are the same as last minor update fixed it
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