Gamplay improvment

I have been playing ww2 rpg games for 12 years and i have to say that this game is very special but needs a lot of improvment even 2 years after its release!

1-Soldier movment: the first thing i noticed is that soldiers movement look slow, it is not slow but it looks slow, movment animation should be faster and better.

2-weapon sounds: shooting sounds of weapons are very bad, and the sound is the same if i am the one shooting or near someone shooting which isn’t accurate at all. Sounds need a lot of work and some additional details, like the “ping” sound when you emty the M1 garand clip or the terrifying sound of the mg42 shooting near or at you.

3- voice comments: the commentor voice is very neutral for a battle in ww2. he should be shouting in the nation’s accent that we should fight harder to take or hold the objective. And the victory should be accompanied by a music or anthem of the victorious nation. It is very very neutral, it must be exciting.

4- when i throw a grenade at any window it bounces back at me! Hand grenades are heavier than rocks they must be able to break glaces not bounce from it!

5-somtimes when i am in cover my shots dont hit the targets, i think its a glitch that make my bullets hit the cover i am standing behind, if i am able to aim at him i must be able to shoot him. right? (i am shooting from the side of my cover not above it)

6-whats the point of having assault I, II, III, IV? If they must exist we should be able to upgrade the soldier tier instead of buying a new one.

7- there are 3 types of abilities in perks, we should be able to choose where to use our points, maybe i want all my perks to be from the same ability. Why forcing us to diversify?

8- more music, new musice should be added and played not only at the start of the match but also at the end, or when its nearly ended to excit us

9-engineer squads should be able to build more stuff, maybe dig a trench or make traps or close doors with woods (can only be opened with explosives).

10-improve the AI soldiers, people stand infront of them and they dont shoot, if i was shooting from a window they must stand on windows and shoot, they must shoot in the same direction as me. They must look wherever i mark (faster than they do) and be able to give me amunition.

11-we must be able to take amunition from dead soldiers who use the same weapon as the one we are holding.

Thanks for this great game. I hope the developers will read this.


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i agree roughly with everything except for this one:

i think the soldiers should shout their voice lines, not announcer. Or better yet, make dynamic voice lines to fit every situation, if you’re taking fire you’re gonna obviously be yelling hard.

i don’t mind victorous nation anthem though.

personaly i’d wish that happen, so many soldier tiers is just weird, just let me play the squad i like and give me the ability to train my squad soldiers to the very top.
there would be player-game relationship to it.

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I know man i just want to max my squad soldiers but there are lots of things to max +those tiers are a problem after merge cause i have to unlock tier 2 assault even though i had it before. I just want to max my favorite squad!

The voice commentor thing is inspired from COD 5 (waw) , check its voices on youtube to know what i mean. Its more than nostalgic. Best atmosphere ever.