Gammon bomb

From memory of playing MOH Airborne it really fun to use of course enlist is not ideal for such beauty but i would love to see if it can somehow fit into enlist without making it too overpowered i mean it just a super grenade or as i like to call it “mini nuke” when i use it against tank or infantry oh wait yea tank and infantry i guess it too op but idk maybe make it available to AT only or paratrooper only might fix it

Note: “might” fix the op problem anyway im just technically suggest but hey we all know it not gonna be add but who know? whatever just bombard me with many way you can break enlist with a gammon bomb


Look i already acknowledge that it op ok? just idk make a mod or something with gammon bomb

oh i absolutely got an idea but of course people wont like this anyway cause it personal anyway why dont we make an event for gammon where we can only kill enemy using gammon bomb only and ONLY gammon bomb NO gun NO vehicle or maybe vehicle idk anyway sound fun to me but i know it horrible to everyone hope someone will consider making a mod of it

or they could jsut replace the det pak for the british team with a gammon bomb

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oh maybe when the brit became another tree then we might get gammon bomb but of course it a bit op so idk how they gonna solve that

it would not be as op as you think
its could be filled upto just under a kilo of powder but it had almost no fragmentation, but i was a impact fuse

really but like i said in the post (if the moh airborne game was right) a couple of gammon bomb could kill a tiger and it a big explosion kinda like a mini nuke but of course idk what it like irl

i dont know where you are getting the mini nuke from but it was never anythink close to this

it “feel” like a mini nuke that what im saying

This grenade, nicknamed “Gammon bomb” of the name of its inventor and numbered 82, is delivered from May 1943 to the English armed forces. It is used primarily by commando units and airborne troops who appreciate its simplicity of use and the freedom to use it to dose explosives depending on the target (up to 900 grams). Grenade No. 82 was used until the end of the Second World War and especially during the Battle of Normandy.
i don’t see a charge that small without being shammed killing a tiger, maybe disabling but a kill not unless you made a pyramid of them


  • Length: 54 in (137 cm)
  • Caliber: 2.36 in (60 mm)
  • Weight: 13 lb (5.9 kg)
  • Warhead: M6 or M6A2 shaped charge (3.5 lb, 1.59 kg)
  • Range
    • Maximum: 400 yards (370 m)
    • Effective: (claimed) 150 yards (140 m)
  • Crew: 2, operator and loader

so 900 gram 32 ounces blunt charge vs 3.5 pound shaped charge some of which is the engine still the first bazooka was a dud against a tiger so its not looking good

I wouldn’t want the Explosive Pack removed simply because I’m attached to that little thing after all this time. Maybe they should make the ExP do a lot more damage to structures, and being an emergency AT grenades

And add actual AT grenades for all factions

like with jsut about every other AT grenade?

well in that game i throw like 10 gammon bomb at it so it make sense