Game is ruined

Hi all… I’m a 60 yo player from Sweden, and I have enjoyed playing this game for quite a long time now. I was climbing the ranks quite fast and had a really good time, playing at Tier 5. I always play as an allied, and I reached rank 150, before this last update arrived… Now it’s Completely Ruined, Unplayable, Impossible to get a win. I’m allready down to rank 106, from 150… I’m actually sad, because this, my favourite game, is completely RUINED…! I will stop playing now… Thank’s…
Sorry if I post in the wrong place, feel free to move it…


only thing that changed in this game is that people went to play japan. americans had overwhelming advantage prior to update and axis had prior to that. playerbase shifts. i suggest you either play another faction, or BR2 allies where there isnt such prevalence of veteran players on one side.

Grandpa, before you quit the game, try playing with another faction or another BR.
Also, the strong teams will change depending on the time of day and the server.
On the US server, Germany, Sweden’s ally at the time of the war, is generally unbeatable.

Dang dude. Calm down. It’s just the playerbase fluctuating around

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Dönt wörry Öldtimer.
The cause is just this:

I play mostly USA BR5.
Go to Pacific, get destroyed by the Japanese.
Go to Normandy, get wiped out by the Germans.

It happened before and it will happen again.

Just keep playing, having fun even when losing, wait till the balance shifts again.
Or hope for good teammates.
Or change BR or faction.

BTW yesterday I played 3 battles USA BR5 on US server.
Won them all, surprise.
One guy chatted “happy that the germans are no longer dominating”.
The next battle my USA team got completely destroyed…

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