Game Crashes After Loading/Startup

I’m a new player and I wanted to try playing enlisted. I have a problem, my game keeps crashing after the loading/startup screen. By that I mean the moment my game is done loading and I see a menu it instantly crashes. I’ve tried using both DirectX 11 and 12, still the same issue. I was wondering maybe the issue could be my specs although I have checked myself I have at least the minimum requirements.
Windows 11 64bit
Intel i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz (with) Intel HD graphics 3000
10 Gb ram DDR3
Nvidia GeForce GT 520m

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

The minimum requirement GPU of Enlisted is Nvidia GeForce 660. Yours is way weaker than it.

Thanks for the reply. I know the problem now. Have a good day.

After checking them, 2011 came up. Man, your setup is ancient. Though still better than my 2015 laptop (game barely just works on mine). Problem probably is lack of support for some modern API, like mine can’t handle Vulcan.

My setup costs more then my rent…

When did you buy it? And either you have a very cheap rent or someone overcharged you on it to hell, or you are from outside western sphere.

idk how you are running windows 11 when you dont have TPM 2.0. probably pirated version

i really hope your rent is free or less than 50$ cause this laptop isnt worth more than that. even shittiest laptop today for 200$ is multiple times stronger than 10+ year old laptop.

Yes I am. It’s a funny place called africa.

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