Fw 190 d-12

Having a nightmare controlling the FW 190 D-12. Can’t seem to get any bombs on target - just very twitchy, I can’t steady it at all! Is this just me - anyone got any tips?

BF 109 G-6 I have no issues hitting tanks even with smaller bombs, but the FW just seems off for me.


Different bomb position might not help, d12 is Berlin one right? It is very twitchy deploy take off flaps, they won’t rip till 700TAS ( Free tip :wink:)

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it is a problem from the Fw as a whole, it happens with the A-8 and the D-9 as well, but Darkflow just doesn’t care, for some reason those planes drift in the air


Yep, Fw is probably one of the hardest plane to master or even just play.

If you are not doing good with, I recommend you replacing it with something else. There’s no shame in that.


Learning to predict flight yaw paths

I LOVE this plane.
Good for Dogfight and good cas (anti tank and anti inf.).
But, Just 1 error of pilotage and he go back to the ground :confused:


its by far the hardest plane in the game. i recommend to work through it the painful way with 30 min in the practice mode. you can do it after a while, just takes a lot of work.

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Training stuff in practice mode is waste of time. Best practice you can have is in normal matches.

Unless you are some kind of stats perfectionists.

Plane is bugged, old bug in WT since 2014. Was fixed over there though.