FP-3 Wildcat HUD

I’m assuming that the extra stuff in the HUD for the FP3 actually means something, but I haven’t been able to locate what. Anyone able to point me where to go or tell me how to use the vertical lines in the HUD?

Can you screenshot it?

I’m not 100% sure what the op is curious about but here’s the FP3…

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  1. Altitude indicator

  2. turn indicator

  3. Compass

Yes hte instruments do show changes that presumably are “real” - but you can’t read them - or at least I can’t - so they aren’t useful.

You mean the resolution of the writing on it is too low?
Enlisted does some weird load balancing and as the match goes on the textures of aircraft drop dramatacially. Readable in the start of the match but after a while not. WT had the same problem in sim battles a couple years ago but they fixed it. Same engine so hoping they fix it here too.

Btw, nr 1 in the image is an Attitude indicator (3 or 4 gimbal gyroscope for pitch/roll), not altitude indicator (gauge with vacuum capsule measured against ambient static pressure offset for QNH).