Forums, lately

You, fine gentlemen and fair ladies, probably noticed how pleasant and welcoming the forums got.

One could even say, that the forums became the real battlefield, superseding the game itself!

Quite entertaining, to say the least.

We got classic HA enjoyers, late to the party, we got the usual wheraboos being wheraboos, we got commieboos whining they still lose even with arms advantages due to br, we got ameriboos complaining they lack end tier vehicles to face late Berlin axis (those are justified, however. Allies DO need bigger tanks… Pershing…)
Then there’s those surprised BR à la war thunder just doesn’t work, because devs are too cheap to allow a mid tier queue.


And. Meanwhile. Me, along a few others who warned others such system wouldn’t be the best idea and ultimately fail unless done properly…

Well. We told you so.

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Merry Holliday everyone!


tehy took our vg2s!
never thought the merge was a good idea honestly, and by what i’m seeing i was right to think so

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