Forum Guide

Hi! New to the forum? All functions and features are explained here.


It’s extremely important to read the rules. It can save you a lot of trouble later on. This covers both the forum rules & game rules. Rules apply to everything on the forum, ranging from topics and discussions to profile pictures. It would be a good idea to be familiar with them before you start posting.

Forum Rules


As there are rules, we have moderators to enforce the rules. If you, for whatever reason, need help or have a question, feel more than free to contact any of the moderators from the staff list below.

Enlisted Staff Team

Important: Contacting a moderator should be done via private messaging.

Post/Topic guide
1.1 Post Edit

Editing messages is quite important, for instance, for correcting one typo or adding something that has been forgotten. Editing avoids new posts, which may cause a lot of spam.
How can I edit my own post? It’s very simple!
Look at the icons at the bottom right. You will notice a pencil. Click on the pencil to re-open your original post.

Original post:
After editing, click on the blue button “Save Edit” to repost.

1.2 Topic Titel edit

Does this also work with the topic title? Of course!
Press the pencil to the right of the topic title. (Attention! The Trust Level plays here a role! If you don’t see a pencil, your Trust Level is still too low and the function has not been unlocked. If this is the case with you, look at point 5)

Then you can comfortably edit your title!

That’s it!

2.1 Sharing Post

By pressing this icon, you can generate a link that will forward you directly to the post.
A small window with a link will open.
By pressing “New Topic”, a new topic with a link will be created. If you copy and paste the link in your post, you will quote the topic.

2.2 Quote Topic

You can also use this link to quote a whole topic.

3.1 Delete Post

Oops! Did you post something wrong and want to delete it?

No problem, there is a great function that allows you to delete posts and topics.

To delete a post or topic, you have to press on the trash can icon. (Attention! The Trust Level plays here a role! If you can’t delete a post, your trust level is too low and the function has not been unlocked. If this is the case with you, look at point 5.!)
If you have created your topic but have deleted your comment, the topic will be closed automatically.

4.1 Bookmark

If you have created your topic but have deleted your comment, the topic will be closed automatically.

Have you found an interesting post or important news but don’t want to search it all over the forum?

No problem, here is the solution!

With the next icon, you can set a bookmark and your marked topics will be easy to find.
You can find bookmarked posts as shown below.

Firstly, press on your profile picture and then on the bookmark icon.

5.1 Flag

You have ffound a topic that violates the rules? You may call the moderator’s attention by pressing the Flag.


By doing so, a window will open where you can select a category. By pressing the “Flag Post” button, you will send your message to a moderator.


Important: Do not use this function if you do not like a suggestion or comment personally. You also have only a limited number per 24 hours, so use this function wisely.

Addition: you can also use this function if you have a too low “Trust Level”, use the category “Something Else” and write in the field what needs to be changed (title edit, post to delete… etc).

Forum sections

We have 2 sections with 5 categories each which you can use. Please make sure that the topic you are posting is in the correct section before hitting the “submit” button!

We highly suggest checking out the already existing topics on the forum sections to prevent unnecessary duplication.

English Forum sections

News (for official news)

Update (for Fixes and Updates)

Suggestions (for suggestions: please don’t use this section for game feedback!)

Bug report (for Bug reports: please follow the guidelines to make a valid Bug report!)

Mess room (section for everything else related to Enlisted)

Profile details

At the top right, you will see your profile picture.

To change your profile photo directly on your profile, follow these steps:

Click on your profile picture

Click on your in-game name

Click on preference

Private messaging

If you would like to send a private message to another user, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit their profile
  2. Click on “Message”
  3. Enter a subject and type your message, click send once finished.
  4. Once the receiving user has read your message, they may respond using the “Reply” box in the PM window, as can you.