Feedback on no squad cycling mechanic

My first issue is that it smells a bit too p2w because of premium squads being excluded. Personally I’d include them in the limit but I understand that ppl payed for those things so they have the right to use it.
But at the same time, vehicles were always limited and there was no problem with that.

Second issue is that I may have 3 squads of the same type but serving different purposes and now I can’t use them.
One of the ways to solve this is to allow to take the same squads to the battle but not allow to spawn more than 2 one after another.
I don’t know how hard it would be to code though. I guess the system proposed by devs uses already existing mechanic (the one used to limit vehicle squads) while this one would be build from scratch.
Another idea is to introduce a spawn score like in the titan rise event. Afterall cycling 3 squads each with 4 soldiers with default rifles is not as strong as 3 fully equipped squads. Also this sistem is already in game (at least partially).

Third issue is that overall it doesn’t really fix anything. For example ppl who used 3 flamethrower squads now will use 2 flamethrower squads and a rifle grenade squad.
Yeah, it increases variety a bit but overall it just moves the focus to the 2nd best. Maybe I just expect too much.

But overall I like that devs also think the squad cycling is a problem and they try to solve it.

Why do I have a feeling I’ll be eaten alive?


extremely easy to code, but there is logic fallacy in it. with current system we have cooldown on squads for 2 spawns, so if you also include your logic inside it you can have periods where players cant select any squads.

e.g. player takes 3 assaulters and vehicle. if we include logic that you cant spawn more than 2 of the same squad, player wont be able to select 3rd assaulter squad and vehicle may not be available.


It’s not a logical falacy but a flaw in design.

To fix it there may be a check if player has at least one infantry squad of different type. So to take 3 assaulters you would need 4 infantry slots. Impossible for f2p but since this doesn’t give blunt advantage imo it’s good enough.
(Let’s not start a discussion about squad slots. It’s a different issue.)

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Yeah premium squads not being included is pretty lame.

Also I realized you can bypass the whole “not being able to use 3 assault squads” thing by bringing 2 Assault squads, 1 plane or tank, and the Rider squad since you never have to actually use your plane/tank or Rider squad. (Unless they make it to where you have to actually use the Rider squad if you bring it). Then you can just cycle back and forth between two assault squads/flame thrower squads/whatever.

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Or medic squad for larping.

Yeah I forgot about medics, don’t use them much

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In my opinion, the problem is that assault squads, cqc, are too versatile, if you can take 3 cqc squads and have the same or even greater chances of winning, there is something wrong here.

In my opinion, support classes do not have that much impact on the game, and some support classes will even burden your team.

I’m in favor of @doshskia idea to prevent cqc classes from building rally points, then you can take 3 squads of assaulters, for example, but you have to rely ONLY on your teammates, who can be… you know.

although! i haven’t been more sure in my life that community wouldn’t like that at all, so basically… something has to happen to make support class more impactful and problem will be solved.


yeah i agree. assaulter are too versatile. i would limit them to max 5 persons and remove any extra position from another class in them like engineer and AT. they should be highly specialized in their role and excel in it.

other squads should have more versatility if they are relatively weak.

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If devs want people with assaulter squads to trust on their teammates more with their assaulter squads with only starter weapons then this is not going to work well obviously they are just dead weight and just cannon fodder.

There were other ways to abuse like use a high level tank squad do more damage than assaulter, flamethrower or paratrooper depending on the map.

I would suggest limit to just flamethrowers and paratroopers as flamethrowers are more annoying to deal with even with an assaulter squad.


as tunisia rider lover, I wish they would add them to all campaigns,but we will be stuck with it till the merge on tunisia