Feedback from a returner


After a three-month break, I returned to Enlisted with my friends. Here’s my experience and feedback for the developers.

Graphics have improved, making it easier to build engineering components. Sound effects, including cave echoes, have enriched the experience, and Enlisted is making impressive progress.

Enlisted’s gameplay maintains its original charm as a captivating WW2 MOBA where everyone has a vital role. It’s still worth spending about 2 hours a day, especially with old friends and a couple of beers after work.

However, there are aspects I’m not fond of. Daily challenges for battle pass rewards can be time-consuming, especially when attempting to complete all 9 challenges each day. It’s frustrating when party members must select different champions for these challenges simultaneously.

To address this, my friends and I changed our playstyle – we’ve chosen to ignore the battle pass and not purchase it.

While it may sound sarcastic, it’s genuinely effective. The core game remains enjoyable because we can freely choose strategies and weapons. Yet, the pursuit of these rigid sub-targets, which restrict your freedom for additional rewards, can be unpleasant. We have the skills but lack the time we had as students for this self-contradictory design.

With this new approach, Enlisted has become an enjoyable game for us once more. Perhaps the system will change in the future, but it might take a considerable amount of time based on the current update speed.


It’s always very relieving to have strength to endure and oppose FOMO practices.


BP is… If you are pretty actively playing. No matter you choose to play or not. Pretty easy to accomplish for 70~90days. But if you are pretty late to BP season. Then it’s pretty useless to buy it.
Also I also choose to ignore BP task and play whatever I want.


I’ve got a tip for you:

Custom matches. You can complete dailies BP challenges in them! Very easy and quick.

But apart from that, I bough BP, and hardly ever do all 9 dailies everyday. Just don’t have time to so I hardly look at it.

BP is definitely worth it. It is not necessary at all to do all 9 daily tasks to finish it in time. That’s only useful for GREATLY speeding up the race to high levels.

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You only need to buy BP once.
It costs 900 gold and you also get 900 gold when you buy it.

I doubt lot of people has strength to not spend 900 golds for ±3 months.
Especially since there’s so interesting many interesting GO weapons.

I can resist… At full price.

(That’s why I crave for the return of discounts on golden guns)

Which hasn’t happened as long as I’ve been playing this game.
I really do respect your patience.