Event does not update?

Why does the victory day event not update? It is already 14:29 UTC. Or did I mess up counting the days?

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Maybe the developers postponed it due to the poor performance of the game for some players after the new update.

Or it’s your another bug. The reset definitely should have happened at this point.

Weird because I personally almost finished today’s step. It updated for some people, but not everyone

I see, so it’s just bugged.

Seems like we can expect some compensation.


Yep, some PC players confirmed that it does not only affect console players.

Same here. Just did two games with roughly 10000points, no Event-update

Bit late, but just in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet: There’s a new “compensation” task for 1000 score. You can complete it until 05.17 12:30 UTC.

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