Even more plans for future updates

I hope you consider doing the same for the Italian Paratroopers as you have the Soviets and have their box change based on the Battle Rating. Their SMGs don’t make them BR4 worthy and should be BR2 so it would be good to allow them in BR2 without the flamerthrowers in the box. Allowing all paratroopers to change their weapons and have the crate change accordingly would be amazing but understandable if difficult to implement.


When can the Germans expect a belt fed MG with 100 rounds for BR5 or do we have to wait until 2025

Nothing about customization improvements even after the storm about it on the last post? sad to see


I’m hoping they are still just figuring out how they are going to fix it. There are multiple ways of doing it.

Finally a economy tweak though its sad that new players still have to struggle

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great so now i can get more silver when im playing allie that have only 3 guy that good

I can now get more silver playing soviets which don’t have any good player just smooth brains

yea and that too

though this scare me cuase you remember they promised significant
amount for selling legacy squads. 10000 isn’t significant amount and I’m scared they are gonna do the same thing maybe give us for every battle hero 100 silver it isnt far fetched from DF

YUIIIINNN! Why are the evil Axis stronger than the Allies T-T? Why do they have the powerful FG42 which doesn’t shoot straight “Btw” and the STG44 with 30 ammo, when we have x8 zoom sniper rifles or M1 garant to compensate for the lack of semi-auto rifles and Thompson with 50 ammunition and who shave all his bad Nazis.

Me : Because you have certainly 12-14 year old, and hate to be killed by the old gamer i am. But this time i get rek’t and i don’t care.

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I know this is random but are there any plans to allow us to change weapons to
premium squad ?

The allies and the Soviets they can win their matches all they need to do is start working together and actually use their weapons instead of asking for more broken weapons which will destroy the future of this game.

And thank you for showing that the Germans are not actually immortal



So they decide to buff the only nation that needs no buffing by downtiering the MP38/40 to BR2. Great job.

So since the allies and the Soviets have already pushed the bus off the Cliff and we’re free falling when can the Germans expect a 100 round belt fed MG

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It’s not a buff they’re just writing things and the only reason the Soviets and the allies are losing is because they lack competent players who use skill and strategy

Incredible. You’re so mature that you didn’t quit at first sight when you weren’t in the usual stomping cycle like the other 3 teammates of yours.

No. The only reason why the allies are losing is because they lack players and there’s a clearly uneven match in small arms. What’s the reason for the US to not get the same treatment as the axis and have its M1A1 Thompson downtiered to BR2? In the meantime also fixing its sight.

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When the other team fights back it gives you more of a chance to get more XP for the event so why would you leave a free XP Farm because when you win or lose you’ll get more points for the event

That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve heard. I won’t entertain you with a response.

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It is the lack of “officers” on the Allied side which means that they lose, not to mention their strategic failure, which means that the Germans, with Marshals, crush the Allies. But really: The Allied guns smash you in 2/2, when you have nerfed the FG42 so that it fires sideways and I’m not talking about the FG42 II Sniper, which over long distances, I have to empty 5-6 balls, just to hit once. Which doesn’t kill due to the distance, so you have to count a charger for a single target, a squad you have more luck, since you just shoot into the little green pile.

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