European Axis Small Arms Balancing Discussion Thread

Let’s talk about small arms balance for this particular faction.

Buff G41 reload speed


Don’t you love it when they announced a “fix” that just made things worse?


The funniest thing too is all they need to do is speed up the animation for when you put bullets in individually and for when you finally close the chamber

You mean like what they did with the Type 4?

Pretty hilarious how quickly that loads. I imagine it was to make it somewhat more viable to compete against M2C spam, but after the merge, and when M2Cs will no longer meet Type 4s, I wonder if the reload would be retained or adjusted.

I imagine it’s the former.

It’ll most likely be “”“fixed”“” (allowed to individually load rounds and drastically shitten the reload speed) just like the G41 was

MG42 needs more rof. And we need more free stugs.

For balance of course!


On a slightly more serious note, can we just… Get rid of the 20rd MP 28?

Remove the 20rnd MAB 38A, and of course give 40rnd mag to the OG43 since the gonna nerf the Flamer more than it should but hey

Actually just remove all 20rnd SMG that use smaller ammo than 9x19mm

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Buff Kampfpistole reload speed or replace it with Panzerfaust 30/Faustpatrone 30 Klein, the later actually makes sense as AT weapon

Give bayonet to all weapon with bayonet lung, specially the Berlin Axis ones, the Devs at this point is trolling

Also another day ask for a 100rnd Belt fed german GPMG, and fix the MG15 “unique” feature

  • Make the stupid GrB less rng and in return nerf its ammo count.
  • The most accurate SMG/ auto shouldnt be the 9mm MP38.
  • Make FG Gunner weapon.
  • Rename all non-German made weapons according to their German Names similar to the MP717(r).

Or even better: keep it the same and slow down all the other guns to something more realistic, forcing tactical thinking and allowing for more variation between weapons. It could be a way to give weapons with smaller magazines an advantage

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Axis equipment is mostly fine i have to say is the most balanced of the game, the only change i would see is reduce a bit the dispersion on german and italian early grind smg

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Only if they add 4th Machine Gunner to every mg squad.

Doesn’t help when its opponent is mag fed and has half tge reload time



mrw people are trying to make a game that’s arcadey by nature into something more tactical, but casually forget that bots ruin immersion, lives are worth peanuts and the game overall favors aggression.


G41 is a BR2 weapon
Kiraly is a BR4 weapon
MKB is a BR4 weapon
small sniper carcano is a BR2 weapon
G43 is a BR3 weapon
Sniper Gewehr 98 is a BR1 weapon

in general for all factions, semi autos dont belong into BR4, the jump from BR4 to BR5 is bigger than the jump from BR2 to BR4 in killing power.