El Alamein mod

Just some pictures from my el alamein mod


I would love some feedback so i can improve the mod!


Also i forgot to mention that there are lots of guns around the map. Each building should have something.

Some examples:



i like the dug in pak,more trenches maybe?

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Good idea! I will add couple more trenches in the frontlines


What section of the map did you use?


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Unfortunately i dont posess as much knowledge of the battlefields as you do. I dont have any specific place in mind. You could call it any africa battle you want because i didnt put any recognizable landmarks in the map

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It’s all right, my friend; historical stuff like this has always interested me, even from a young age. Luckily you don’t have to worry about recognizable landmarks because Al Alamein was literally just a bunch of occasional ridges, foxholes, and depressions. If you make occasional ridges and depressions of reasonable size, with occasional 88 flaks dug in, it will look just like it.

I will add more flaks aswell. I just hope that they fix the sandbox bug so i can release it

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I have made italian camp for the axis team (Ignore the bodies)

Also some more trenches and cannons


The El Alamein mod has been released. If you played it please leave feedback here

Some pictures from one of the games

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