Editor keeps crashing when i try to get close to the map i built

So i found an annoying issue where the editor keeps crashing every time im on my map. Its gotten so bad that if i play the map on enlisted the game crashes.

Only error i get is Fatal error: Exception. Would anyone know what could be possibly causing this? I tried the backup that was created in may to just have the same issue. What can i do to fix it? I updated my graphics drives and that has not worked

Some vegetation rendinst (assets) are broken. Already talked about it with @Devenddar.

Short term solution: delete all vegetation and re-add them with frequent testing.


You are a god among men! it turns out the hedges that i had was causing the crashes all along. Thank you so very much! my hard work on the map doesnt go to waste now


Or put one/some (one for each type) vegetation in field of view of static camera. Game will load them and it should solve crashes.

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Resupply thermal paste to all heat sensors: CPU, Video Card, and the mottboard’s heat sinks.

Watch video: Thermal paste, Do it yourself!

Your pc could be peaking into 140 degrees which activates power’s overclocking sensor. The high heat will turn off the game with all networking connections. Its only protecting your pc from cpu too hot damage. Some CPU"s can take high temperature, but still, quiet and cool are the 80 degree processes while gaming.

System monitoring tool


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Yeah no. its not a heating issue. no where near it due to if it was a heating issue the PC would be crashing itself and performance would be throttling. Thermal paste on Graphics cards are only recommended if it really desperately needs it. I didn’t mention anything in regards to the pc throttling or turning the PC off. (I’m a IT tech. I would of fixed that instead of coming to the forums to ask)

Agreed ^^

Agreed >-< >-<