Drops or Make Enlisted great!

Hi guys,

I stream Enlisted relatively often. The game definitely needs to become better known. It’s been years since the last Twitch drops (?) Why is nothing being done in this direction?

And then please no 2 silver commands or camouflage. How about cool sniper helmets or special jackets etc.? Something that people will recognize. Maybe also boosters or something.


Give me more weapon gold orders since i will never get them from 15 day boxes.


yea i havent got it in like 100 day now too

I miss Twitch drops. It’s been a whole year since the last time.

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War thunder recently got new drops but we got nothing

It’s just sad that top tier vehicles have no skins while low-mid tier vehicles always get new skins with each season of battlepass. Only exception is a Tiger E but that skin is pretty meh, and some skins are a downgrade will less armor like m4a1 76mm.

and some skins are barely different from the original like the new panther g with only couple of numbers in the tower

how a skin has less armor?
is just color

side armor on (free vehicle)

side armor off (gold vehicle)

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my bad i was thinking war thunder skins, yeah gold order veicles are weird

Level up that M10 and M18. Your probably swimming in bronze weapon orders. Also whats the point of decreasing a a tanks upgrades?