Does new MM allow BR2 met BR5 when no enough players

Due to the recent US fever, there is a lack of players on the Eastern Front. (I play on US server)
I joined this match as BR3 and in it you could see BR5 players, but there were also a few players that I only saw using BR2 gear from start to end.

As far as I am aware, someone using purely BR2 stuff will not match with a BR5 player. I think its possible what you witnessed was players that may have just entered BR3, maybe they got a new gun or vehicle and decided to use it despite still having mostly BR2 stuff.

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No this can’t happen, as always one BR3 equipment is sufficient for put you in the other half of matchmaking

It might be because that there wasn’t enough players at the time, and mm didn’t follow br that strictly.

I used to play solely US server since I originate from the US, but now since I live in the Philippines I choose all servers, which seems to significantly cut the wait times. I don’t seem to have trouble finding players this way. I still on occasion just play US server, but sometimes I have to wait a minute or two just to find a match.

I can have all my squads filled with level 2 weapons, but pretty much always face level 3 weapons. I rarely get a match with nothing but same level weapons as myself…Unless I am in a BR5 match that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can still have your BR2 stuff in BR3 line up, all you need for that is one BR3 vehicle and the game will think of your line up as it is BR3 line up.

Seeing BR2 weapons in BR5 match kill feed means nothing.

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This should NEVER happen - there are no game rules that allow it.

There was a bug that occurred a few times that allowed this to happen - if you see it happen then report it.