Do you not know how fortifications work?

Out of every faction it seems like the Japanese have no idea how to fortify a god damn objective. Every game Im the only one building cover and digging ditches. Half the time Im the only one building rallies.

If you dont have an engineer on at least 2/3rds of your squads you are choosing to lose the game so dont cry about balance and being stomped by the US if you cant be bothered to use the available game mechanics.

If you dont build fortifications I need to ask; Whats wrong with you? Are you stupid?

Obviously if you build fortifications then good on you. But holy shit none of the other factions Ive played have had this problem this bad.


there is almost no real players in the japanese side.


the phase of japan stomp was a couple of months ago.

now because of the merge, more allied players came in ( and old veteran / japanese players ) that got most of what they wanted, started to grind the allies too.

if you want to grind Japanese forces, i suggest you to find lone wolf lobbies full.

you’ll be gaining some xps.

but… airplanes and tanks will be somewhat outmatched.

It shows when a human is actually playing and I had quite a few games where Im literally the only one building anything with like 5 other players. This seems like an issue with the match length in this game in general but holy crap. If there are even just two of us thats even more reason to fortify. I know we’re going to lose but thats no reason not to try.

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The human players in jap side are often new players or casuals that just dont care


I feel your pain. As someone who is Min-Maxing my japanese army, I definitely am the one carrying the wagon lately.

Defenses are very important in the Pacific and, yeah, sadly not many help out.

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I usually build fortifications and keep track of everything is going on in the battle to build them where they are needed but honestly I can also tell why no one even bothers building them and that’s because on most maps is pointless, because a single artillery attack can wipe out the entirety of them which leaves just like you started, I do agree fortifications are needed on buildings always

Build hedgehogs. Also trenches are permanent

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bruhh by the time I finish a trench they already captured the point and wiped out my team, if anything holes for hiding are possible, hedgehogs are great though, love blocking the way for enemy tanks forcing them to get out of the vehicle or stay stationary, they need to make fortifications more strong or place more building resistant to artillery attacks


The zero from the Japanese out play almost all the plane of the allies

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Yeah games need to be longer as well imo. But people really underutilize hedgehogs. They disrupt AI pathing and the enemy bots will just hang out in the open.

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True. But they are very vulnerable, like all japanese planes.
Dont need a plane to take them out.

(this zero shot me down in my FP-5 so then I shot him down with a rifle just to show who’s boss :laughing:)

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the trouble is you build one at a time, and there made of tissue paper that aside, it would be better if you could say point hold and build a wall three to five sandbag segments at once, of course it would take three to five times as long you just would not have to point click build point click build and so on and so on


Im those guys I just spam type 97 atr and mortar

I must concur, they have the brain damage

He who does not have a hammer should drop his gun and pick one up

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I find them great to nearly full block any doorway better than a sandbag ever could if placed correctly

Less useful in the Pacific since most buildings are grass, but still they have plenty of other uses

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Well you are the reason the team keeps losing. Youre trash if you dont build fortifications. Almost as bad as just sniping.

Fortifications if you can build them yes but their levels are far higher then played 12- plus colonel to general were just sgts its a massacre cant even get any where near the objectives artillery so no one bothers I don’t play japan at all waste of time

You need to know that the real impact on your win or loss is not building useless defensive structures, but the continuous battles and your FPS skill after you build the rally point. Defensive structures has no effect other than earning pitiful score, and my winning rate can prove this.

Lol first of all, you are describing how to win as attackers, defenders need to actually defend and provide cover, barriers and ammo.

And secondly your winrate doesnt mean anything. Japan was easy mode when the Pacific maps were released so you could grind easily to get the good weapons and vehicles which are all past level 20. Then at some point they tried to rebalance it and now the Allies win every game. Because of that barely anyone plays Japan anymore, especially not the players who have unlocked all the gear they wanted. So there were more people back then building your fortifications for you. Now there are usually between 1 and 3 human players on Japanese side vs 5-10 American players. Tbh they are so used to farming bots that you only need a few good players to win but most of the current playerbase is braindead.