Do not add Goliath - Springer - Borgward IV or Beetle

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new premiums and event vehicles :smirk:


I don’t think the Springer and Borgward would be added as a gadget simply because they’re too big to be gadget

But the Goliath certainly can work as an AT gadget. It would work probably the same as those robots in Battlefield 4. The Goliath just has to survive long enough to reach its target. I even think they should be allowed to drive into the gray zone


There isnt much to add to allies though, unless someone digs up a weird prototype.
But these could still be added if other factions get something else unique to them.

Land torpedo Vickers Mobile Land Mine (UK) UK Beetle

I’m just sayin there doesn’t always need to be a 1 to 1 counter for everything

Don’t misunderstand me if there is some thing then sure add it to the game, but I mean like say the Allies never had anything equivalent as the Goliath well that shouldn’t be a reason why the Germans can’t have a Goliath in the first place

So the Germans have a remote controlled mine and the Allies don’t. Who cares. Nothing wrong with asymmetry

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]UK Jeffrey land torpedo

I don’t understand topic title. Why even create a topic if your intent is to not add these vehicles?


to provoke people


I don’t think the Goliath should be an event or even especially some premium. Those should only be very rare content

I think it should be an unlockable gadget in the tree

It’s like the Panzerschreck. Yes we have the initial model but everyone wants the iconic shield model; so it better not be just a single event weapon. It better be added to the tree

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I don’t want to see these things stand in the way of the rebirth of tanks and trucks
Why not give us Butterfly mines (air-delivered anti-personnel mines)
He blew up many people’s limbs in history without causing death.
I want to surround the defense points with these things

idk i want goliath hell i even made 2 post for them before but realistically we wont get them ever cause reason

all im saying is that i love using these in other game (specifically the goliath)

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hey at least i can apreciate the honesty man.

*proceeds to bring out of thin air a heavy machinegun, AA emplacement & pak 40s with just a hammer

… does it really make a difference at this point?

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but anyway, i don’t think we need any of these in all honesty.


the other reason is i only heard of Goliath and found the others by mistake in wiki

Despite it probably never being added it would be awesome if there were assets for them so we can add them to the Big Action mod.