Different Cromwell Versions for Enlisted

In reality gameplay wise there are only 4-5 different Cromwells. However I made it so that there will be 2 versions with a 6 pounder gun but one would have the 6 Pounder APDS whilst the other would not for balance purposes. That being said there were 2 different 6 pounder guns. The L/43 and L/50 version. I’ve seen pictures of both being used on both the Cromwell I and Cromwell III. Since L/43 was the most common it makes sense to have it on the most common 6 pounder Cromwell which is the Mk I and to make Cromwell III more different, it would have the L/50.

Cromwell I
6 Pounder Mk. III L/43 Main Gun (No APDS)
63.5mm + 12.7mm Hull Armour

Cromwell III
6 Pounder Mk. V L/50 Main Gun (Gets APDS)
63.5mm + 12.7mm Hull Armour
[Picture is of Centaur Mk I, Cromwell III is identical to this tank, just different and better engine, notice the L/50 version of the gun]

Cromwell IV
75mm QF Mk. V L/40 Main Gun
63.5mm + 12.7mm Hull Armour

Cromwell VII
75mm QF Mk. V L/40 Main Gun
88.9mm + 12.7mm Hull Armour

Cromwell VIII
95mm QF L/19 Main Gun
88.9mm + 12.7mm Hull Armour


Secondary 12.7mm spaced armour behind the main armour, hull front


6 Pounder Mk. III L/43
APCBC: 118mm @ 0m
HE: ???g TNT equivalent

6 Pounder Mk. V L/50
APCBC: 127mm @ 0m
APDS: 188mm @ 0m
HE: ???g TNT equivalent

75mm OQF Mk. V L/40
AP: 106mm @ 0m
HE: 666g TNT equivalent

95mm QF L/19
HEAT: 127mm @ N/A (5.6kg TNT equivalent)
HE: ???g of TNT equivalent
HESH: I think however it only came post war


A13 Mk I, II

Crusader II
Valentine III
Matilda II

Crusader III
Cromwell I, III, IV, VII, VIII
Churchill III , IV , V

Churchill VII , IX, X
A34 Comet
Sherman Firefly

Black Prince
Centurion I


I like cromwells


Commonwealth demands separated army from the United States…

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where did 2 4 6 go
you can have Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, India for the Commonwealth but the allied faction is keeping England, Scotland and Wales

Cromwell II didn’t go into production, it had cast turret armour similar to Churchill and they also tested appliqué armour on it which would then be incorporated for VII and VIII versions.

Cromwell V is just the IV but built to specification but identical gameplay wise

Cromwell VI is just VIII but with the usual 76.2mm hull armour instead of the 101.6mm hull armour.

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Are you sure you want to go to battle with a BR3 lineup armed with Lee Enfields and no semiautos?