Did they nerf the repairing of tank parts?

With the change to modular tank repair they promised that the repair will be faster than the “old” system.
Which already was kinda BS but thats not the point here.
Today now I need 4 repair cycles to fully repair a SINGLE module from red to new when it used to be first to yellow and second to basicly new.
This mean repairing a single module takes longer than repairing the entire tank in the old system which is certainly something…

The new tank repair in this state is just attrocious as repairing the entire tank not only burns through repair kits like crazy but exposes you for the entire time as the promised internal repairs are nowhere to be found yet.

Edit: Each part taking 4 cycles mean that each crew can only repair 2 modules fully with the 1 toolbox you start with. So i am not sure if the dev inteded to nerf repair into the ground or if it is a new bug (because why shouldnt there be new bugs…).


Ya, its much longer and more complicated than before, and your far more likely to die in the process as a result, not to mention the fact you now need to be next to the part you need to fix and this often makes it more dangerous.

I would never abandon a vehicle my self, but I can totally see some folks doing so rather than take the time to fix it.

You guys repair tanks?

I just drop my tank when they got damaged critically, such a waste of time

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bad, as engie I try help tankers like you, if you find me on battlefield sream to me!

Don’t bother, the fact your tank gets immobilized and critically damaged, is pretty much dead anyways


but I can try save you,dude, I managed save tanks and make they can fight again

I repaired a couple today, it actually pays pretty well, I was surprised at that.

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that’s why I give in this forum the idea of give engies possibilty of have tankist repair upgrades :3

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You can give toolboxes to anyone.

the system changed, but you need perks for better repair ( so it will be somewhat faster and allows you to repair more parts )

// yellow ones )

that’s why I ask please,give at least the engies perks of tankers for fast repair in case you wish <3

The system itself is not bad. But it’s true it’s painfully slow without perks.
Although if you get penned, your tank is a fireball in 90% of the cases so you don’t need to worry about repairs.


as much i try to support and repair the others tankers as my engies always have when a tank is underfire, there isn’t much saving.

but i suppose some perks wouldn’t hurt.
even though not many people will run with those

It should be better once some damage can be repaired from the inside


I wonder what magic df will serve us. I expect to be able to repair the engine and tracks from inside either as a feature or as a bug (hard to distinguish).

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not for me, I am support player, I am not skilled for kill, but I am more useful building structures,giving med boxes,sending ammo boxes and repairing tanks…

How much xp does repairing a friendly gives?

Might make me carry those tools around…

from 25 to 60 xps

depending from the action

perhaps @Euthymia07 can correct me and be more precise with those numbers

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well repairing totally sucks. many times i have highlighted part to repair, just for it to try repair another part that is either between that highlighted part and me, or near it.

not to mention more dangerous and slower even with perks.