Did forum undergo another change or something? (It ok now it fix)

Why is it look like this i literally just refresh and then this happen

Also i can barely see the black text so yea what just happen and how to fix?

It’s terrible


i know i hate it there isnt an inch of good here imo (i mean if it gonna make everything white then that would be fine but this? nah man just no)

eh, dunno what to think.

looks alright at the first impact.

btw, you have dark mode off.

this is how it should look like:

seems like another ui change, responses don’t have a defined box anymore, rip

wait, no arrows no more?

edit. holy hell.


we somehow always manage to get back with the forums.

telling you. we’ll reach one point to have the forum looking like this:


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idk i dont remember what the button used to look like (since i never turn on light mode in the first place only did that for fun when they first change it)

The darker blue boxes are gone, which is a shame

oh i figure out what it is now, they made it tied to browser appearance setting

and now everything is back to normal again what

welp anyway i would like a lock on this topic please since the problem seem to be gone now (maybe i shouldnt have panic but after what happen yesterday yea im now pretty jumpy)

Closed as requested