DF is disappointing

For all these time. DF still cant make a proper matchmaking. I mean, there are so many easy way to do the balancing like br±0, squad match with squad only, force equal number of players on each side. But they have done none of them


Yes we know. Next.

“Forwarded to the devs”

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Ideally, I think this is the end goal, however due to the small playerbase, it would heavily impact match timings in a negative way. Also, remember that the current BR system was not a primary design, it was essentially a compromise from the initial one that favored map historical integrity over weapon balance of any kind. The playerbase wanted more weapon balance, and this is what we got (at least for now). Its not where it needs to be, but it is better than what we had at least.

how would you like to enforce this when playerbase can choose which side to play? If one side has 3 - 4 times the playerbase this is just a logistics problem? I’m not saying no, I’m just looking for what you have in mind as there have been several suggestions in this front, some good, some bad.

DF wants to keep match finding time down. They have their reasons, even if we disagree with them. That being said, any suggestion that would theoretically increase them is seen as a negative generally. This makes it tricky.

if you want PVE then yes.

you mean stacks against stacks? well they are relatively rare, but when you play against them, you feel the difference. problem is that there are not enough stacks to have separate MM, so if you try to implement this kind of MM, it would probably end up as stack vs bots.

only crossplay off (aka console only) has uneven number of players in a match cause of lack of playerbase. crossplay on matches are usually 10v10 matches at start, but you have lots of shit players on one side and veterans on the other. not to mention deserters.

I dont think this game can have any more players. I asked my friends about how they feel about this game and all of them said its prision sitting experience. the grinding and the silver gain is no less then slave labouring and I dont see any hope DF is going to do something about it

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well, If DF wants to keep matchmaking short, and the game can’t grow its playerbase, then we would be at a fork in the road. Does the game cripple match times or full human lobbies (noting that many players are less effective than the game’s bots, and as such are considered bots to many).

My personal thought is to scrap matchmaking entirely and go to server hosting, where the playerbase would have the option of joining an official lobby server (current BR system of Low / High nation v nation) or a player rented/hosted server or a custom lobby server. You would then be able to either hit play to auto join an official or manually join any of the 3 through the server browser. This would effectively put the matchmaking in the players hands.

once you reach the end of every tech tree that is almost everything just events to work toward
so the question is how long they want it to take to finish 99% percent of the games content

I am beginning to wonder if they care as long as they make their money, but until the matches are somewhat competitive again, I am done spending money on Enlisted. I’ve given them far more then I should have just to continue to be frustrated with the poor game play. There were 3 in my family who were playing, but both my kids quit. I am already playing about half as much as I was several months ago. However, I live in the Philippines near beautiful beaches, so not playing as much is not going to kill me. :blush:

Well I’m on strike, on giving them money. And I don’t think Ill give these fuckers a penny again until the situation improves. And even then… I wonder why I caved and gave money in the first place, now I just feel retarded.

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It took me nearly 2200 games to complete everything in the old campaign systems, and its seems less to do in trees. This is similar to others that have done the same that I’ve seen with Premium. That means even more for non premium. Even more if you aren’t consistently at the top of the scoreboard, BP wise.

There is making it more player friendly, and then there is making it so incredibly easy to max out that its pointless. These two are very different and the balance needs to be made between too much work, and too little. Personally, I do think it is absolutely skewed to too much work, especially in terms of silver grind. I think the XP however, is fine where it currently is. A good player can get a faction to a competitive Tier 2 loadout comfortably in a week with a regular play, even without premium.

The thing is silver is constantly low, even for good players, this makes burnout which tends to occur when you aren’t getting a reward for your actions. What good is a new gun unlock, when you can’t afford to outfit your troops with. What good is your new squad if you can’t afford to get soldier types for it.

47 XP to 5 Silver is just a ratio that is too small. The loss of Assaulter I’s in place of Medics, which A) don’t have an engineer upgrade in the tree, B) aren’t in as many other squad upgrade trees is poor design especially considering the jump in cost between Tier 1 and 2 troops.

The other elephant in the room is the UI, its horrendous for new player viewpoints. It works great for those that have played, as we have a general idea of what to look for. But I’ve had to constantly show new players how to navigate it as its not new user intuitive and doesnt do an adequate job of explaining itself.

I had always said I was just going to play for free and not spend any money. So, after a year and a half or so of doing it that way, the allies (the only squads I had built) started getting consistently seal clubbed, so, I started a German squad. Being impatient not wanting to play another year to have a good unit, I caved and bought some BP weapons (just 4, then another 4) and bought some ready made squads and a decent APC to get them to the front. So, after a few hundred bucks ( not wanting to check my bank account to see how much I really spent) I have the maxxed US squads level 1-3, 3-5 and level 5 which I worked hard to build and maxed out German squads 1-3, 3-5 and level 5 I bought and worked to build. But since the gameplay continues to spiral downward I am done spending money as it just isn’t worth it to be constantly seal clubbed or be on a unit seal clubbing the opponent when only a handful of the games are even remotely competitive. I have only played twice today with the Germans and been seal clubbed both matches. :rofl: I guess that is supposed to be a positive as my Germans were winning 80% of the matches since I started playing with them. So, I will continue to play, but much less, however not spending any more money on enlisted.

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Do not allow to stack more than 2 players and queue only for overpopulated faction

Also, matchmaking could at least try a tiny bit even with current disastrous settings (instead of just idiotically filling one team first)

  • First pass - try to get stacks for both sides
  • Second pass - grab only one faction players
  • Third pass - fill up the rest of the lobby with people queueing for all sides

You could also have set times for each game start, so that you have a bit of a queue to work with

Actually having a queue could also be a nice way to nerf overpopulated factions without outright blocking people from playing it.

New game starts every 2 minutes, unless one side doesn’t have enough players, then it waits for next 2m slot.
No 2v10 nonsense allowed.
Players are in a FIFO queue.
And here, depending on the level of stick you want to apply:
Overpopulated faction players just stew in the FIFO queue until opposing underpopulated factions work through it.
They get sent into explicitly PvE games with no rank gain, possibly nerfed xp/silver gain

Also, just let people select 2/4 or 3/4 factions, add the fucking xp/silver booster already.

Im sick of most of my games looking like this:

most of the times you get 10v10 games. it is just that it is 10 shit players vs 10 good players, so it seems like it is 2v10.

it was 10v10, just you had 3 people quit and got replaced with bots.

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How can you know who are bots? DF is just hidding this information so players who are in the minority side dont find out and quit. This is another point why I am disappointed about DF is they can just tell who are the real players and who are the bots but instead they choose to hide it

in darktide they have to say bot in the name