Defender class (Shotgun + Body Armor)


I don’t think we need a new class for shotguns or body armor

But I have thought that maybe they could add shotguns to the Riflemen class as well

a shield also would make one hand weapons more viable, like axes, clubs, daggers, and pistols


The problem with shotgun is they are too weak. and giving them body armor cant save them unless these armor can give them void shield protection

all hail the omnisiiah, and cast you down heretic for the Adamantium, plasteel and ceramite is strong,
the shield works with the body to weaken bullets and shrink the kill zone of grenades

It’d be a cool idea as a little buff to the US, seeing as we were the ones who issued our infantry shotguns. The Luftwaffe Drilling was for pilots. While I don’t know, I’d be willing to guess the TOZ was a “soldiers brought theirs from home” type deal. Lol

Praise be to the omnisiiah.

But I don’t want anymore body armor in the game otherwise everyone should have body armor.

I GREATLY disagree! I use the shotguns on every engineer I can (and I’m glad the devs listened to me when I suggested it!) The shotguns are actually VERY strong, but contrary to how a lot of people expect them to work in games, you STILL HAVE TO AIM.
Especially when they are fully upgraded, they can decimate pretty reliably, but don’t have the ammo capacity like SMGs, ARs, and MGs.

They excel in the hands of engineers, whose focus should primarily be on fortification, and allows them to deal with targets that get in close.

The thing about shotguns, is other than AT Rifles, one or two gold order weapons, and maybe one other bolt action rifle, they have the highest damage per shot (assuming all the pellets hit). Even if even half the pellets hit, they do equal or higher damage to a maxed out bolt action at close range.

Why is that so important? Because of players with the vitality perk. Especially flamethrowers, which can get additional vitality as a base perk. IDK about you, but I prefer to be able to drop someone in a single hit.

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Personally I really like the idea of shields. Put it in the second weapon slot and perhaps allow the use of pistols and melee from alongside them when pressing the “aim” button. When running with them, your head is lowered making it harder to be headshot, but reducing your vision.

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shields? In WWII?

Yup, look at the second comment on the post.
Believe it or not there were all kinds of tactics used in that era that we don’t really even think about.

While shields may not have been effective against high calibers or bombs, they were effective against smaller calibers. Making them a good option for pushing through smoke or across open ground that would otherwise be a deathtrap to machinegun fire!

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