De-Facto Paratrooper squadron?

Hey there, fellow Enlisted players! Keep in mind that I am new to the game, and do not know all the strategies and gameplay mechanics that this game has in store for me.
If I am wrong about anything in this post, please correct me.

Okay, onto the point. I was looking thru the German tech tree (Specifically the Planes line) and checking out whether there was any plane I wanted to grind to (I’m just fine with the IAR-81C.) And I saw the JU-88 A-2 Bomber, which has 5 crew members and goes pretty fast, according to the description of the plane. Now, I did purchase the BR5 German paratrooper squad during the May discount this year and I really like it, and it has 6 crew and a supply crate that drops with the plane too. But it takes a long time for the JU52 (Paratrooper Plane, obv) to get to it’s intended drop zone and drop it’s squad and supplies. What is was thinking was, I could get the JU88, drop the the 6 250KG Bombs to clear a landing area (Around a point or smth, you pick) and then ditch the plane and land the squad wherever you cleared out. Essentially, I’m envisioning a quick reaction force for say, if a point is getting rushed and you need to clear it out, ASAP. I would love for people to expand on this and give me ideas or even to let me know if it will work. ALSO, PLEASE NOTE that I did NOT play before the merge and I have no legacy squads or weapons. Thank you for reading, and please leave your feedback down below.


what u can try to do if to drop the 6 250kg bombs and quickly exits the plane this way if u dont immediataly stomp ur crew u will have a 5* man assaulters around the area that u just bombed but u also could potentially miss the area,get ur crew stomp or explode ur omw plane crew .if u fear missing the area u can quickliy turn the plane if u going fast enought and get a more precise landing

Well, you do make valid points here but as I stated in my “essay” above I would drop the 250’s and circle around and also speed isn’t an issue because it’s a high speed bomber lol
But you made vaild points so that’s cool
Have a good day mate

basically do this with the ju188:

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Yeah, you just put my idea into a video.

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one of the popular methods of landing in single fighters