Darkflow, stop listening to only the clearly biased US mains when adding or changing things, listen to all players

For what feels like so long now, it has just been darkflow leaving Germany with the very bottom of the barrel, only giving them what every faction has to get, like the trucks,but nothing else like every other faction, and this is going to kill it. Right now, a lot of people play Germany because it has some fun stuff unlocked later, but after this game continues this cycle the German tree will be not fun anymore due to IS3s and super Pershings and all sorts of other stupid stuff, and it’s going to feel like the Japanese tree but more european.the Pershing is needed, but the super Pershing, mabey not. This is because of it having a much powerful gun and armor, and the many jumbo spammers back in Normandy and especially now in the pacific, not even the 105 mm cannon on the dicker max can front pen the jumbo even from an inclination where it hits it head on, and you have to aim for pixels to get the jumbos weak spot, but by then, the jerks already shot your barrel out and tracked you, if not kill you.the tiger is much much more easily killed than the jumbo, and the king tiger has around the same amount of survivability as the jumbo does most of the time.and to those salty US mains complaining about it not being fair that the tiger has much more Armour, I’ll repeat what you told me when I talked about the jumbo, just flank it bro,kill it with a TNT charge or pack.once this game comes to steam, maybe the reviews will help you see leaving 1 faction in the dirt for long periods will not go well with the playerbase, whether it’s Japan or Germany. Go ahead down in the replies, US mains, call me a whereboo or something else stupid, anyways this post is probably going to get flagged and deleted because I talked badly about darkflows prized faction, one of the only things keeping me playing this game is the money I have spent in it.


eh you do realize normal Pershing cant pen tiger 2 right? Even with super Pershing, here is the spots it can pen:

Compare to what the tiger 2 can pen:

Red one is one shoot, green one take out transmission

Two times more area lmao


Okay, I didn’t know that, it can be added, but the jumbo isn’t just such a little annoying tank that I hate the users of that can’t properly be taken out by any tank in the game head on

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My guy, the Pershing’s were literally America’s direct response to Germany’s Big Cats. They are the most evenly matched of any US tanks vs the Big Cats

And then you go on to complain that the Jumbo is immortal? Dude, ALL AMERICAN TANKS HAVE THE SAME, STUPID WEAKPOINT DEAD IN THE FRONT OF THE HULL

Name 1 German tank that you can reliably kill from the front no matter what if you’re using it correctly (ie angling your Tiger)
Oh wait, you can’t because none of them have as stupid and as consistent a weakspot as Gaijin’s American tank models. Dumbest weakspot to ever exist I swear

I literally, GENUINELY hate this phrase, but you’re just one massive skill issue. Jumbo’s and all American tanks are dead from the front. Dead from the sides. And dead from the rear. The only “consistent” strong point is the gun mantlet, and even then I got idiots lolpenning that thing like it’s nothing in WT all the dang time. Learn to aim or shut up


jumbo does most of the time.and to those salty US mains complaining about it not being fair that the tiger has much more Armour, I’ll repeat what you told me when I talked about the jumbo, just flank it bro,kill it with a TNT charge or pack.

The trouble is you can’t always flank it bro, or use infantry when a Tiger 2 is married to the grey zone especially in an urban setting where there is only a single killing field, and unlike most tanks a tiger 2 is almost immune to satchel charges i got one under, under the back of a tiger 2 ask me about it and it did not kill the beast

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Same applies to the jumbo :slight_smile:

post merge the germans have the most amount of items of any tech tree:
Germany: 119 researchable items (including 23 minor axis nations)
Russia: 77 researchable items (including 2 lend lease planes)
USA: 87 researchable items (this is including 21 commonwealth equipment)
Japan: 42 researchable items
so yeah germany is good for equipment especially since they can really counter everything the russians and americans have at any br

super is the only serviced weapon that can touch the KTH at non face hugging distances.

ffs it’s been said before the thick max doesn’t have the upgraded round to allow it to lol pen the jumbo, you know what can though? the panther! know what’s also at the same br as jumbo? panther! meanwhile the jumbo is below 100mm of pen with m72,but hey if tank v tank is impossible then german portable anti tank weapons got your back with 60 being able to actually go through the frontal armor of the jumbo iirc not even including the ju188 which you could use to wipe the postal code of the jumbo’s location using the largest payload in the game.

really the only nation being left behind in terms of equipment is japan though that make sense as they were only in the pacific and not across 5 fronts like germany was
which resulted them to having the most equipment in the game and yes i did count it those out


No wonder you were typing for all of eternity. Lol


Us mains are crybabies so why bother to listen them anyway




Yes germany has the most stuff right now because their presence of 5/6 of the campaigns, but most of those weapons are very similar to each other and you have to get all those shit reskins to get the good stuff, while the others trees mostly have a straight shot, and I have not had and easy time in any axis tank against the jumbo, and I just used the dicker max as an example as it is the largest caliber cannon avaliable


….you do know we have 3 BAR’s and another “upgraded” BAR as a GO right? Not to mention 2 Bren’s. What like 5-6 Thompson’s? Several Sherman’s. Yeah your “waaa German reskin” argument means a whole lotta jack all to us buddy


as if german mains have never, ever did that before no not at all. not like a german main has actually completed about the t-60 being op before…god CBT was a better time for enlisted


And your flank it argument as well, and yes, you do have a lot of repition, but the variants aew somewhat unique from each other though,the bar variants each have different features each new generation, and the thomsons Changes aren’t that large addmitantly, but the sights change often so you aren’t stuck with sights you hate,and we have to get a large number of panzer 4s and 3s, a number I think is larger than the Sherman variants, and most of our SMGs are $hit, and just aren’t worth taking over an mp40 or an FNAB

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Hey wasn’t the CBT pc only?



ok so bigger caliber doesn’t mean better such as the panther’s 75mm being better for AT than tiger 1 despite tiger 1 having a larger caliber, another exam is the 45mm is close to the 76 l-11 when it comes to penetration (about 8mm of difference) though probably the best one is the long 50mm on par in penetration than the m61 with long 50 being 2mm better in penetration. so yeah panther can do it at considerable distances


German mains coming online to tell you how much Germany suffers for the morbillionth time


closed alpha was, closed beta started as a pc and xbox only thing before i believe getting released to playstation a month after though back then it started with crossplay that everyone couldn’t turn off before they switched off crossplay for everyone until we got the current crossplay system Enlisted Closed Beta Trailer (youtube.com)


Us mains complaining about how US suffers because tiger for the zillionth time: