D-Day North is the worst map setup in the game

Only the first and last caps are remotely defendable. The attacker overlooks the whole map and can easily+safely flank to place rallies right next to objectives. On top of that, half of the points are bunkers with the doors ONLY FACING THE ATTACKERS. Especially that third point where both the hole in the wall and the door are on the German side.

Played this map 4 times, lost 3 times as US and won the 1 time as Germans. Left it every other time cause it’s always a steamroll.

I’m sure the devs have statistics on this map. Curious what everyone else’s experience has been as well. I know US isn’t doing so hot but even with good players this map is just a pain in the ass.


D-Day map has always been problematic, the map is too small, the design left no place for flanking and building rallies and gameplay can be summed up is spam: spam of explosives, spam of paratroopers, spam of MGs, spam of rockets, spam of bombs, the list is long.

But I really love the German counter attack thing which is a really fresh perspective and Im yet to see it any other FPS video game, lowkey my favourite map in Normandy campaign.


that time the nazi manage to pull an extra army out of their asses to counter attack normandy XD

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Why do the devs let COD make a D-Day map that is closer to the real life battlefield and plays better as well?

PoV: Rommel won the argument about troop placement and counterattacked in full force.


Totally agree with the third objective point, It being on a hill overtop the town through the middle. And then also huge mountains around the outskirts of the entire map, Make it a pain to get any type of advantage against the ops when they have control of that point. I have only ever played US in that map, So can’t really say how the outlook is for German. But seems like its would be a cakewalk for that side defending when it gets to that point.

Devs please make the attackers (even if german) come from the shore, it ruins the game so bad.

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that would be plain dumb.
Why would Germans attack their own coastal defences? alt-historical Sealion campaign would make much more sense.

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For me, it’s Hurtgen Forest. As a defender, the spawns are way too far away to make any difference once the enemy is capping the point.

Totally agree, the U.S. is tough to play as already. Maps like these don’t help.

Yeah. It surely feels a bit different. But again it gives me that nice Pointe du Hoc vibe from CoD 2 where you need to defend the beach head against the German counter-offensive. We are just missing the rain here in this instance.

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new maps and new br ratings - are pointless issue kit by year 1940-41-43-44 era we have Panther tigers v T 34 v stuarts n pnz 1 its ridiculous - the mg 34 has a longer range than sniper rifles - why mg 34 can fire through wood n brick walls 1200 m away eh nah it cant - sniper rifles head shots instant kill here their not - they recover fight back -
tanks speed 25-35mph yet player can run up to a tank climb on it n plant explosives eh nah humans cant run at 30 mph end that crap you made the tank pointless its he rounds use less its smg and main mg useless you have to be close - either re vamp the tanks or remove em the light tanks esp nare fast yet a german can run past it and throw dynamite - bazooka no flash you no idea where your hit by it
Random killed team members for no reason they are not in contact and yet one dies for no reason
rifles snipers are upgrading but remain the same… the sights are the same unless they br 3-4 reg sights s no matter how much you upgrade the weapons remain the same a complete con job -
tanks should be able to cross trenches if ww1 tanks can with ease ww2 version should two
smoke - do explain a sniper can kill through smoke its not a lucky shot
thru walls bricks walls not a lucky shot
us half track muti gun - unless it’s close it doesn’t kill infantry which is laughable to be 20m to kill them it has 20mm twin guns I think
tanks turrets - turn rate impossible high and to drive it is terrible same for planes -
not sure on the console if its better but on PC nah crap to drive and just a big target fr men who can run 35mh to play a explosives stupid game

yes just one of the fucked up maps and there are a few dont know if going forwards or backwards or A to B back to A and then B