Custom Squad Spawn

Is there a way to spawn a custom squad

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i suggest you to follow the following:

keep in mind, that those profiles will only work if setted onto bots profiles NOT players profile.

( why ? :woman_shrugging: … they just won’t work. devs didn’t included something )

to be precise, bots profiles will work both singleplayer and multiplayer.

players profiles ( which profiles stands for custom loadouts and what not ) will not work in multiplayer, but will work for singleplayer.

( singleplayer standing for, one player selected in the custom game settings where players it’s just one. )

and if you are interested in dressing them up,

i made a more updated and modern version:


Do you know if there is a way to allow players to respawn with the same squad continuously? for example, when choosing a vehicle squad and after losing it, being able to use it again at the next spawn

You can do it creating spawnMode_unlimitedSpawns entity.

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I really appreciate your help on the forum. Thank you so much :pray:

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