Consequences of the introduction of Jagdtigre

Some people know that a jagdtiger has appeared in the files

There is one question - how do you kill a jagdtiger using allied tanks?


Shoot its big gun and then flank it


How do I find his flank if he’s in the gray zone.
It’s not a WT


*has always been there since the beginning. in reality.

well, considering that those will be premium,

super pershings can actually kill jagdtigers on the lower plate.

or… yeah:

( hoping that rng will not make the barrel absorb all the damage )


any tanks are afraid of it / him.

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No, there will just be a broken transmission in there

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It’s about killing with tanks.

if you get the edges, you might get the driver, gunner, and commander

( technically, some ammo too since enlisted tanks carries full ammos )

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I dunno, in this game, shooting the bottom plate of a Tiger only results in a broken transmission.
In general it’s weird that the transmission absorbs all the damage, in fact it’s just additional sources of shrapnel and hit points for the crew

we’ll see once it gets introduced properly.

since now… it’s just a base model with no hatches, interior and what not.

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Yep, they will add together t 54 and leo 1))))))



i hope not…

but seeing how things are going, might not… be far from truth.

Uh thats good to hear, and what are soviets gonna do about it?

Add normal tanks with normal shells for QF 17 pounder. Avanger tank will be enough for someone, but we know that you are from the forum of “mirrors” lovers. The direct analog of Jagdtiger is likely to be Tortoise (A39), and try to say that it is not enough for you dude.

There is also an option to add TOG 2. This one will be closer to Jagdtiger because of the 92mm cannon. But if you’re a smart guy, you should know that the bigger the caliber, the less penetration is often. The USSR axiom doesn’t work here.

You know what the game actually desperately needs? Steel quality modifiers, so that super late war german vehicles armor should be easier to deal with.

is 2s panzerfausts,.

or t44s is3s


or use cas too.

good luck with that

In earlier version of Enlisted, Jagdpanther was that type of indestructible vehicle (indestructible for other tanks). Gaijin was testing what will be the effects of adding this to the game and do they can add Jagdtiger in future.

Allied APDS & APCR can penetrate Jagdtiger

Also soviet t34 steel should be bad quality.



Shoot its gun and wait for helpless crew to come out. People on BR5 should have some skill to understand how to deal with heavily armored vehicles. -. -"