Confusion about the name of most recent campaign

On 6 december the new battlefield “Ardennes” was announced.


Maps are Dominant height and Huertgen Forest.
On 18 december the new campaign was called “Ardennes Offensive”.

I have also seen it called “Battle of the Bulge”.
But the game itself calls this campaing “Normandy”.
Normandy is actually in the north-west of France.
“The Ardennes” are actually located in Belgium, France and Luxemburg and not in Normandy.
For more confusion, the Hurtgen Forest is located in Germany and not in the Ardennes or Normandy.
So I am a little bit confused now about the correct name of the last campaign.
Maybe just call it Battle of Western Europe or something…



It’s funny because no matter what you call it, it still looks nothing like the Ardenne forests.

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No, the game calls it “battle of bulge”. Normandy is the old US campaign from pre merge era.
They’re two different campaigns with different customizations presets.

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Hmmmmm…I see different things in the game.
Game itself displays only as possible maps for USA BR3: tunisia/normandy/pacific.
No Battle of the Bulge.
Also, from the replay site:

You are of course correct here.
Battle of the Bulge is mentioned as campaign.

So the game contradicts itself, hence my confusion.

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I guess that’s just another bug. Because battle of thr bulge supposed to be campaign on its own.

Btw. It could somehow be related to the fact that the recent event German squad didn’t have their special outfit in the battle of the bulge campaign. It seems like some parts of the game don’t know that the battle of the bulge campaign exists.